Sunday, 18 November 2012

Primark Haul Video!

So, it goes a bit like this. These past few weeks my boyfriend has been getting his tattoo's extended into a sleeve. He has a close friend who is a tattoo artist and has moved to a nearby city to start up his own business. So every 3 weeks I've been driving him to this city, and whilst he's self inflicting himself in pain, I use my time wisely and go shopping, obviously! Primark is so much better everywhere else than my hometown!

I always buy way too much stuff from Primark to take photos of it all, so once again, I'll bless you all with my presence through video footage instead of words :-)

I'll going to be hosting a Christmas competition once I hit 1000 subscribers (thats if I get there before Christmas!) so keep your eyes peeled! Subscribe to my channel here!

Hope everyone's having a fab weekend!


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