Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pretty Positives #1

With it being a fresh new year, and the end of the first week of 2014, I have decided to share my weekly positives for a whole year. That should equate to a whole 52 posts dedicated to positive-ness!

When I used to do Youtube videos, I did a similar thing whereby every month I used to list my positives, as well as my favourites of that month (i.e. favourite book, TV programme, event etc...). I kinda miss doing those and think its important to remind ourselves that there is always positives in our lives, sometimes in the most gloomiest of places, if you look hard enough, a positive will be there, no matter how small.

Imagine - Your morning alarm went off and the last thing you wanted to do was get out of bed, but you do because you have to go to work. You feel so tired. You begin getting dressed and realize you're having a 'fat ugly' day (yes girls, we all have them!). You go downstairs and stub your toe. You leave the house, drive half way down the road and realize you've forgotten your work's ID (this happens to me occasionally!). You have to drive back, which now makes you 5 minutes behind schedule. You begin your journey again to realize that there are new temporary traffic lights a few streets. Wow, where did they come from? Now the tail-back of traffic is so bad you know you're going to be late. You begin to get a little anxious due to this. You arrive 2 minutes late for work. Only 2 minutes but to you, its not good. You sit at your desk and the manager approaches you and informs you that a colleague has gone off work sick, and you are to take over some of their clients. One of these clients just so happens to be quiet intense and have a lot of agencies working with them, which makes life more difficult for you. This stresses you out.

Ok.. you get this picture.. all that has happened within the space of 2 hrs. You've got so much of the day left, and so much more time for more things to go wrong. Why not just crawl back to bed now and be done with it? Well unfortunately its not that easy (unless you're brave and pull a sicky whilst you're at work!). However facing all these problems head on will not only make you feel better at the end of the day because it will provide you with the satisfaction and confidence to know you have battled through all those issues, but it will also make you a stronger person in the long-term. Instead of walking away from more difficult situations, be brave and try soldiering through and think of how fantastic that accomplishment would feel at the end of it all.

If you're strong enough to battle through that yucky morning that you've just experienced then well done.. the day only got worse. At the end of it, you got home, flopped out on the sofa with a huge sigh of relief that its all over and now you feel nice and drained, complaining that 'that was the worst day ever'. You cannot possibly see any positives in the day, because in your mind, it was bad from the word go. And yes, from the outside, it was horrible, of course it could have been much much better, but it wasn't. However, you had the ability to push through all the issues. You solved everything that was thrown at you and you carried on till it was all over. That in itself is a positive.

My point of this (extra long, get-to-the-point) post is no matter how small the positive is, you found one. Even if you experienced a similar day to the one above, but at the end of the day your boyfriend/fiancée/husband (whoever!) made you the best cup of tea that you really enjoyed, there you go, there is your positive! Hopefully most days you wont have to dig too deep to find the positives because your days will be full of them!

Some people are too quick to state that they've had a 'crap day' - when you ask why, they may list the most simplest of thing (for example 'I got to work and forgot my lunch') that to you is nothing - Lets call it 'mood threshold' - people's toleration of what 'life throws at them' can vary from person to person. We have to remind these people that life could be far worse than just forgetting your lunch! Life is too short to focus on the negatives all the time, so this weekly reminder is to remind me (and all you!) that no matter how crap life is at times, its never as bad as it first appears.

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Ok - Before this turns into some form of essay, lets get cracking with my weekly positives!

♥  I don't often watch TV, but have recently been introduced to a TV series that originally came out in 2008 ('Breaking Bad'). My boyfriend has downloaded all the series, and in the past week, we've already got through 2 full series. I love it and get excited when I know I'm about to watch it again. As a bonus, my boyfriend also likes it too (we don't usually share the same interests when it comes to film/TV!) so its nice to watch something together for a change. This TV time also gives me a (much-needed) break from all technology.

♥ I'm doing well with my NY's resolutions and have made a dent in just about every one of them (err, I should hope so too Kate, a week into the NY!)

♥ I'm reading a book that I'm really enjoying, and look forward to reading that before I got to bed each night.

♥ I cooked a new recipe a few nights ago that I have never tried before. Granted I wouldn't rush to make it again, however I still introduced a new recipe into the house. I like to mix things up with my cooking but its so easy to fall back into simple, boring meals.

Not massive, but there ya go!

Whose gonna join me in my Pretty Positives mission?! (please link back if so, and pop your links in the comments below so I can read yours! Or tweet me @katelou11)



  1. I love that you're thinking positive! I really do think more people should think like this! good on you! :D
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    1. Thanks for that Ellie! Its not easy to think positive all the time, but it helps to try! ;-)


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