Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pretty Positives #3

This weeks positives have (yet again) been fairly simple and are ones that would have gone by un-noticed had it not been for this post.

I do lead quite a boring life - I work 9-5 in the week and have a less than active social life due to being at that age where all my friends (but me!) have children, so spending time with friends is often limited, and when I do get chance to catch up with them, it tends to be doing the same things, so you're not going to read any outrageous 'I sang on karaoke this weekend' or 'I tried a pole dancing class for the first time' in my weekly positives I'm afraid! I don't get out that much!

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my weekly positives (oh, and just to clarify, if you think I'm referring to 'week' as the week I'm in, and are left thinking 'but its only Tuesday' - 2014 actually started on a Tuesday, so when I refer to 'weekly positives' it's the last 7 days in my diary, just to clarify for those a tad confused!). So when you see 'Pretty Positives #3' or 'Pretty Positives #45' you'll know how many weeks of the year have already passed, not like that isn't a depressing reminder for you of how fast time really does go...

*(Now this one is pretty sad and I'm a little embarrassed to be broadcasting this on here, BUT) - Me and my boyfriend played charades on Saturday night (yep, I told you I lead a limited life!). Basically we're on a bit of a spending ban in order to save a few pennies. I'm one for playing games, because it means we have to interact (how easy is it to slip into that same old routine of both sitting on the sofa - one playing playstation or watching a film (i.e. him) and the other on the ipad/laptop reading blogs, comping or spending endless amounts of time on Youtube (i.e. me), and the hours pass by without saying a word) - it happens in our house all the time. Anyway, getting back to the positive! We only played this for about 45 mins - 1hr, before we were rudely interrupted by Match of the Day (gay!), but we (or I!) had fun. We both actually laughed - me at his poor acting, and him at my poor guessing skills (i.e. 'Batmale' instead of 'Batman'). Next time I thought about turning it into a proper games night..dragging a few more games out the loft, putting a few snacks out, cracking open that bottle of wine (or in my case Amaretto) that's been in the kitchen like.. forever, and just having fun. Its actually made me think about hosting a few games nights this year, just to add variety to our lifestyle.

*I won my first competition of the year last night (which I'm sure I'll blog about soon, cos its too pretty not to!). Then today I won another. Both fairly small prizes, but wins nonetheless. I put a lot of effort into my comping (when I'm in the right mood) so its nice to know it pays off. A lot of people just say I'm 'lucky' - but I don't often see it like that. A lot of my prizes are down to pure effort and time on my part, and the competition is actually judged, so its not really 'luck'. I agree some are, but then my time has still gone into it. Either way - I'm going through an addicted stage at the mo, like obsessive addictive.. I'm on my phone when I'm cooking, in the bath (although I try not to do this too often in fear of dropping it!).

*I'm still enjoying watching Breaking Bad. I think we're 3 (maybe 4) seasons in. I've never watched so much of 1 programme in such a short space of time! Either way, I'm not surprised its won awards. It takes a lot for me to 'get into' something, so if you're not a big TV addict, I do recommend this!

*I've had a few jacket potatoes this past week and I've really been enjoying them. I'll go through phases with jackets where I won't eat them for months and months on end, then I'll get back into them again. I've been having them with luxury butter, beans & Tesco's finest quality coleslaw (which I have also adopted an obsession for). I can't stand cheap coleslaw, so this is bloody gorgeous.

That's it for this week! I'm sure I've missed a few things off, but when I come to write this I always forget.. I must start writing them down!

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