Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pretty Positives #4

Wow, this will be my last pretty positives post of January, where DOES the time go?!

First of all, Hi to my new followers! I've noticed a slight increase in the past day or so. I just wish Blogger would actually inform you of individual people that have followed because they just get mixed up in my followers so I can never find out who the new viewers are.. I do like to check them out to see what they're all about and maybe even give a follow back, should I like their blog.

Anyway, straight into my weekly positives!

* This has got to be by far the biggest positive out of the whole month - I've actually gone and bought a car! You may (or may not) know, I have had problem after problem with my car. Ok, lets reminisce..  Its broke down on me 3 times on the motorway (and I very rarely venture out of my town as it is!). One of those times was on the way to a job interview in Leeds a few winters ago. It made me late but I still got offered the job! (But never took it). Another time was last summer, it was my boyfriends 30th birthday and we were heading to Manchester for a weekend break and my car never let me down, right on cue, half an hour away from Manchester (in fact we were near Eureka, I remember it quite clearly!) and BAM. That lost 5 hours of precious time in a luxury hotel room I had booked. There was another time but I can't remember. As for breaking down in my town, I think I'd need 2 pairs of hands to count the amount of times that happened. I've broke down in car parks where I've had to get either my dad or brother to come jump start me in all hours, or I'll be at work at a clients house and my car will decide I'm staying put, right outside their house.  I've been pushed off junctions to a safer place by creepy workmen who only helped me 'cos I was cute' (Gee, thanks!).. the list is endless. Oh, did I also mention I was bashed from behind by some stupid guy who was 'looking the wrong way' on my actual birthday? That car is jinxed! So yes.. I've been saying for probably a year now 'I'm getting a new car in the next 2 months' then a super expensive holiday will crop up. Then I'll say 'When I get back, I'm getting a new car...' then something else will happen, or we'll hit a barrier... I promised myself I'd get one before the year is out (2013), so I'm only a month late.. but least I've stopped procrastinating and made sure that every barrier I hit, I overcame it. I think the fact that my 1st gear is completely 'out of order' and my 3rd gear was beginning to pop out, as well as my drivers window jamming and not being able to open just swayed it for me. (Or maybe the fact that I realized I can't drive through McDonalds drive-thru with a window that doesn't open also swayed it, I'm not sure)... Either way, I'VE DONE IT! And I'm collecting it on Friday. It's not my dream car, and I'm not in love with it (both the style or colour) but it'll suffice for the next couple of years :-)

* The last week I was worrying about 3 work-related things, and wasn't looking forward to beginning the week at all. But, as I'm slowly discovering, it never was as bad as I made it out to be in my head. Maybe because 2 of the things didn't happen, haha.. but the 3rd was a biggy for me, and although it wasn't a fantastic experience, I soldiered through it and made it out at the other end.

* I've gone 1 whole month and not bought any un-necessary make-up/bath/shower products, which means I've saved money (which is our aim for the next few months). I've only bought 2 beauty items which were essential, because I had ran out. I'm really enjoying forcing myself to use all my products up. Its quite satisfying knowing that not only are you saving money because I would have probably ignored what I already have, and go out and buy more, just because its something new, or the packaging is cute, or whatever, but I also get a satisfied contented feeling every time I put an empty bottle/jar/sachet/tube in the bin, knowing I have used it and not wasted it. I strangely like making myself use products that I don't actually like as well (i.e. gifts that other people may have bought me). I hate knowing that something has been wasted, so I'd rather find some use for it then throw the whole thing away. I remember once I had this raspberry body scrub which I hated, the consistency was horrible and it just felt really cheap. But of course, I couldn't just throw it away, so I remember using up 3/4's of the tube in one go (ok, half of that probably slipped down the plug) but I 'used' the majority, just so I could get rid, but not say I'd wasted it. Yeah... a little strange, I know!

* I've cancelled my GlossyBox subscription. In some ways, this isn't a positive for me, because of course its leaving me short of a little gift every month. However, not only will I be saving money, but I've seen GB go downhill massively over the years. I have been subscribed since day 1, back in May 2011 and the box content was becoming poor. I have been telling myself to do this for months, but of course I couldn't bring myself to do it because it was like taking a treat away from myself every month (even though I still have Birchbox). So I think I deserve a pat on the back for biting the bullet and unsubscribing!

Think positive* I've also began to look into d├ęcor for our hallway. I've had it in my head since the day we moved in how I'd like it to look. The hallway and landing is the only part of the house that we haven't touched since we moved in 2.5yrs ago. This time though I'm going to take my time and buy things that I truly love, instead of just rushing for an impulse buy to later regret it. I bought a sample paint pot over the weekend (especially made on the spot for me, oooo!) and came home with a few wallpaper samples as well.

- On a side note, I will be doing daily Instagram snaps during the month of February because although I don't have a crazy month planned, I do have a few things up my sleeve that I think will be worth snapping, so I'm hoping to wing the rest of the month! I will gather all my snaps up and post them fortnightly (I have tried uploading them on a weekly basis before but sometimes it gets too much with work and the headaches I suffer with on an evening..). I will be putting these alongside my pretty positive posts, so keep your eyes peeled! If you want to follow me daily, come find me on Instagram - kateld85.



  1. Great post. Good work on cancelling your glossy box, I've seen a lot of people say it wasn't as good any more. Maybe you should give yourself a treat each month instead, then you're not missing out but you're getting something you really like... it might even work out being cheaper than the box!
    I love the colours on your blog! I'm a new follower, I really look forward to reading more.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. Welcome! Thanks for following :-) Yeah, GB was complete rubbish - I should have done it sooner to be honest but never mind! I think I'm just gonna stick the £13 in my savings account instead so I can let it mount up a bit then treat myself in a few months instead ;-) x

  2. I enjoy these weekly positive posts :) I might start this up again, but on a Friday - I like reminding myself of the good things before the weekend!xxx


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