Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pretty Positives #7

I've had quite a mediocre week these past 7 days and nothing massive is standing out to me that is a positive. However, as always, I will dig until I find something!

* I had a day off work on Friday - Its become tradition that ever since I've been with Mike, if he's not working, I'll book Valentines day off, and that's exactly what I did this year. And for once it actually felt like I'd had an extended weekend off, even though it was just one extra day.

* I received a gorgeous bunch of red roses, delivered to my door, complete with 2 balloons on Valentines Day. We also went out for a 3 course meal that night, which Mike had actually booked himself (Which is rare occasion for him to do anything like this! ... Ok, so I did have to ask him to book somewhere but sshh).

* I got a compliment off someone who said that I am a genuine listener and that they really appreciated me listening to them offload and taking in everything that they had to said. It made me feel good inside because now I'm getting older and I'm in a long term relationship, its not often I hear compliments anymore. It's amazing how a few words can uplift your mood (only if I know they are genuine though!).

* I've ate out a lot this past week and if I'm not eating out I've been sat in cafe's having nice drinks. They are the pros to my job! I've enjoyed it but I'm not sure my bank balance has!

* Me and Mike went for an hour walk on Sunday. This is the first time we have done this in so long. We walked a route that me and my friend have previously jogged (which actually feels a lot longer on foot than in a car when we used to park up!). It felt nice just to get some fresh air, look at all the cute (but expensive!) houses, and, for the majority, be in an open space with not a soul in sight. I will admit the wind was a little cold on the ears, which began to almost give me brain freeze, and my damn feet started to burn towards the end but luckily at this point we were on our way home.

That's it for this week! Small positives but they were there!


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