Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pretty Positives #8

It never seems 2 minutes before I'm writing yet another week of positives!

* I finally started cracking on with decorating the hallway. I've been wanting this done for so long, we've had the paint for approx. 3 weeks and its just been sat there, unopened. The stubborn part of me told myself not to be the first one to start painting because I've painted pretty much every room in this house, and why should I spend my days off painting? 'Cos after all, there is 2 of us that live in this house. But then the other part of me thought of the whole 'cut off the nose to spite the face' thing. I've only spent approx. 3 hours painting this weekend but you can be sure I'll be giving him an errand list on his days off. Either way - Project Hallway has begun!

* This is a bit of a random one, but a few weeks ago, I went outside into my driveway and something felt bare about my garden.. I felt... exposed. Then realized that the house that backs onto us has cut their ginormous tree down. Yep, the tree that gave us a lot of privacy from various houses at the back of us. Now I hate it. Hanging the washing out, getting in and out of my car, just stepping one foot into my back garden I feel like all eyes are on me, despite having a 6ft fence at the back. I'm probably over-imagining it, cos lets face it, who wants to stand at their window upstairs and watch me.. but still.. I'm a private person and even though I have no intentions what-so-ever of sunbathing topless in the garden in the summer, I still like to feel like no-ones beady eyes are on me. So getting to the point of this positive - I thought we were going to have to shell out for some form of privacy - whether that be a few conifers (that wouldn't be an instant result anyway) or some form of trellis, I don't know. Luckily, my brother has recently moved into a new house and is re-vamping his garden. Apparently there is a load of criss-cross style trellis that they don't want, so they're passing it onto me for my dad to put up. Although it wont give complete privacy, it'll hopefully distort their view for the time being. And what's better - its free! A positive save for me!
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* I did some baking at the weekend. For the most part I've given up on baking because 90% of the time, whatever I attempt to bake turns out wrong. I do everything it says in the recipe, I measure everything out etc.. in the end I put this down to our oven, because it either burns the top of the cake and doesn't cook the middle, or I check on the cake and everything is looking hunky-dorey, then literally I'll go to it 5 minutes later and its burnt to a cinder. However last night I was craving something sweet, and knowing we didn't have anything in, I decided to make use of my baking items instead. I 'baked' cornflake tart. That too burnt a little, however I managed to salvage it by picking off all the burnt cornflakes. Either way, I did something useful with my time what would have otherwise been spent in front of my laptop.

* I have gone 2 whole months without buying any beauty items that were 'non-essentials' - i.e. items that I buy 'just because they look pretty' or 'were on offer' or 'because everyone else is raving about it so I need to try it too'.. the excuse list is endless in my head. I've only bought 2 beauty related items, a foundation and a base coat for my nails, both of which I actually needed because I had ran out.  Along with that, I haven't bought any shampoo/conditioner or bath/shower related items (i.e. shower gel/bubble bath). The fact that I received a box full at Christmas is helping! But my aim for this year is to 'live off'/rely on gifts/freebies/hotel freebies when it comes to bath products. I'm going to be sad when my stock starts dwindling because I love knowing I have a box full to the brim of products, but at the same time, I get a buzz from knowing I'm saving money.

* I did a good deed this week. One of my colleagues who is currently studying for a Masters degree in being a practice educator for social work students - she's dyslexic, so since last September, I've been proof-reading her work, which can often be difficult, because its not so much spelling errors that I'm dealing with (they're easy) but its her sentence structure and when that's wrong, whole paragraphs don't 'go anywhere' if that makes sense. This happens a lot in her work so its often time consuming. Anyway, to cut a long story short she was edging closer to her deadline and for reasons that I wont go into on here, I had to proof read an essay that had already been proof read by someone else that was afraid to be 'harsh'. I offered to proof-read this essay on my weekend off, to help her out. I usually begrudge doing anything work-related on my days off, and refuse point blank (not that I normally get asked but!). So I spent approx. 3 hours of my Saturday helping someone else out. However I will make sure I don't make it a regular habit! haha.

I think they are all my positives for this week! I began this post believing nothing positive has happened apart from the decorating, and I've managed to come up with a few hefty ones!

What's been your main positive for this week?


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  1. Great positives :) my positives have been that Rosie has been to our childminder twice and settled fine the first time - she's there now so don't know how today will be yet! Anyway, the first time she was brilliant and didn't cry once, did lots of smiles etc. that puts my mind at rest as I'm back at work next Monday. And. Got a bit of me time too :)xxx


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