Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Pretty Positives #9-13

only good vibes!

Wowzers.. Safe to say pretty positives certainly took a backstage pass! Unfortunately this has left me with 5 weeks worth of positives to wrack my brains through, and my poor memory isn't the best.. but I'll try!

*At the beginning of March I ticked something off my 'to do' list for this year, and that was go to York. Some people Everyone is shocked when I tell them I've never been to York (we live approx. 1.5hr drive away). I may have been when I was little, but because I can't remember it, I count that as not going. I always hear people rave about how lovely York is, and once I go I'd want to return.. so I took a few days off and took a day out to go here. Although we were a little strap for time, I enjoyed it. I've done a separate blog post on that altogether though.

* I have had the pleasure of sampling afternoon tea.. twice! Both in the space of 3 days of each other! The first one was in a gorgeous 5* setting, the other was a bit of a let down, but again, a blog post is due on that!

* We are over half way through our 'project hallway', thank bloody god! Its taken a lot longer than expected with a few hiccups on the way which has set us back, but we're almost there. Someone is coming tomorrow to give us quotes for some roman blinds, we just have to find a carpet then I can finally put together my beloved Parisian nightstand (which I'm actually using as a decorative stand in our hallway) and I can't wait!

* I've applied for a job.. I think I have a 50% chance of getting an interview so I'm not overly hopeful because I can't tick everything that its asking for in the essential section of the job description, however I'm hoping my enthusiasm can pull it back! All I've lost is time if not, which isn't a biggy.

* I attended my friends birthday gathering at the weekend, which is quite positive for me because I normally avoid social gatherings (usually with work) because I feel like I'm socially awkward, so just stick to the people I feel most comfortable with, and even then, if there's someone there that's overpowering who I'm not familiar with, I really struggle. I become conscious how I'm acting, which makes things 10 x's worse, and I just want to leave... but that's a story for a different day.

* I also attended another social gathering a few weeks prior to this and went to a fancy dress charity event with my boyfriend. Although we didn't dress up (it was a last minute decision to go), I actually enjoyed myself, mainly because of the cheesy pop music I think! I had a few drinks (which again, I don't normally do) and it also made a change to our relationship. I find mixing things up and doing things out the norm really does help to spice things up a little (in a non-sexual way!).

* I went to Mike's nephews birthday tea party last week. He has just turned 6 and I enjoyed just watching him play with all his new toys and balloons etc... I've known him since he was born and it's been nice to watch him grow into such a polite and well behaved little boy. I can't stand loud bratty cheeky kids - the kids that dare answer you back, or throw stones at your car as you drive past. You just know which route they'll take in life.

* I'm reading a book that isn't a chick lit! I told myself to try different genres this year, and this is the first and I'm really enjoying it. All will be revealed in a book review soon!

* I've started doing a few crafts projects which I've been meaning to do for so long. I'm slowly getting accessories together ready for our hallway, and I've got a few mason jars that I went a bit craft-crazy on with the intention of them being either vases or tea-light holders. I'm fairly impressed with the results so far. Blog post to come!

* I made a brave move and booked a doctors appointment. I've been worried about something for a few months now but just kept putting it off because I'm not one to go to the doctors. In fact I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've been in my lifetime. I attended the doctors appointment and everything is fine (I hope.. I wasn't too sure on the doctor!).

Those are the main things that are standing out to me over the last 4 weeks!


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  1. I love that quote! I really need to remember that. Sounds like a productive month!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



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