Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DIY: Shabby Chic Table Revamp

I've been into shabby chic for a long time now, even before it became popular a couple of years ago. Just lately I've really gotten into buying second-hand bits of furniture for silly (cheap) prices and upcycling it into something that I love. The key to doing this is to see beyond that ugly looking item that looks like it should belong no where but you're Great Grandma's house, and transform it in your imagination to something that suits your style.

I am subscribed to various local facebook groups that sells furniture, and I am forever trawling eBay with filters on that minimize the search down to my local area.

I recently saw someone was advertising 2 wooden nest tables (with glass tops) for £15. We currently have a nest of black glass tables in our living room, but due to recently decorating, I'm trying to slowly replace the black glass furniture with white wooden items to match my shabby chic style.

As you can see these tables originally started out as a mahogany tone with an almost garish red leather style top. With a lick of Annie Sloan chalk paint, a wallpaper sample that I picked up free from B&Q, and bingo - 2 new tables for a fraction of the price. The great thing about collecting free wallpaper samples is you don't feel like you have to avoid the real expensive stuff because you know all along that you're never going to have to buy a full roll of the stuff!
I actually struggled to find the right shade of blue for my living room; luckily the only appropriate shade I found I actually liked. It has a gorgeous damask style raised pattern. This was £17 a roll (for those that are interested!).

Have you ever transformed something old and given it a new lease of life?



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