Monday, 18 August 2014

Book Review: I Heart Paris - Lindsey Kelk

I've read a handful of Kelk's 'I heart.. ' range now and its right up my street. Its an easy read, it involves travel and some love dilemma along the way. I'm one of these people that only read just before I go to sleep or when I'm travelling, so I often go for something light that doesn't take a long time to get your head around!

I actually remember starting 'I heart Paris' a while ago and really struggling to get into it (this has happened a lot this year). I left it alone for a while and moved on to something else.

I picked it back up at the beginning of July and this time I must have been in a different frame of mind because I got suckered in pretty quickly (it helps that I went to Paris not that long ago so enabled me to imagine the set up a little more).

Do you like my matching bookmark? ;-)


This is a typical chick lit - girl and boy in relationship - boy is in a band and has a gig in Paris - Girl meets boy in Paris to see him play as well as carry out work herself, where a number of other events unravel (i.e. confrontations with French ex girlfriend, mixed messages, emotional plane/train rides home for the other one to follow, unbeknown to the other...) you get the picture.


The last 3rd of the book got me gripped as the anticipation grew about what was about to happen with their relationship.... I often found myself forcing to stay awake many nights to read ' just one more' chapter...

I've always liked Kelk's writing style, its quick witted, pretty humorous at times, and easy to relate to, it definitely didn't disappoint.

I've just realized she has a 'I heart Christmas' book which was released last year - I am definitely putting that on my reading list for December!


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