Thursday, 28 August 2014

Recent Sale Purchases

I love this time of year for shopping. Most shops are having sales, ready for their autumn stock, so I often managed to grab a few bargains.

I found myself wandering around Matalan a few weekss ago and walked away with more than I anticipated.

I remember eyeing up this shift dress when it first came in stock a couple of months ago, but ignored it. I then spied it in the sale. I love the style of this dress. It's really thick material so almost grazes over any (small) lumps and bumps. Unfortunately I need to lose a few pounds on my stomach before I get into this though. I think it looks really elegant on and I absolutely love the print. It'll be ideal for any weddings or special occasions that I go to..
Reduced from £25 to £17.

Oh my god. Can't we all just take a moment.... Now I'm not normally a rucksack kinda girl, but I just fell in love with this print. It's got to be one of the cutest backpacks I ever did see. Why didn't they have cute ones like these when I was at school 'back in' day?' When I finished drooling over the print, I then started all over again when I saw the price tag... £15 down to £5! How could you not pick this up for £5?! I travel quite a lot, whether it be in or out the country, and as my hand luggage, I currently carry a cupcake holdall style bag, but it gets way too heavy for my poor little shoulders, so having a rucksack would equal the weight out. Plus I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy so I'm not palming my bag off on him! It feels pretty good quality and I can't wait to get some use out of this on my next trip!

I think Matalan's jewellery sale has always been fantastic. They have some really decent stuff in there and the sale prices are sometimes 75% off. I've picked up several jewellery items in their sales over the years. Some of the beads are showing up an olive green colour in this photo, but I promise you they are all different silver/grey tones. I love a good statement necklace so had to pick this up for a grand total of £3. It was reduced from £12 I believe.

I love Matalan's homeware section but occasionally feel like things are a little over priced (either that or I'm getting tight in my old age). When I spotted this gorgeous 3 stick shabby chic pillar candle holder for £4 reduced from £15 I really couldn't grumble. Its got some weight behind it too, which I like. Flimsy household items always feel cheap to me so I love something hefty! These are currently sitting in the middle of my mantelpiece, awaiting some cream pillar candles. Because of the height difference I think the candles will look pretty effective in the winter all lit up.

I think this jumper will be like marmite for most people, you'll either love it or hate it. It's from the F&F sale in Tesco. I was first drawn to the print and the material of the jumper - its almost silky to touch which makes it so soft. I got a size too small for me though so hopefully I'll fit in this soon! I can't remember the RRP price of this - I want to say £15 again but I can feel a pattern coming on.. either way, I remember it being reduced to £7, then when I got to the till it had been reduced even further to £4! Don't you just love it when that happens?

I recently went shopping in Manchester so have a few more goodies to show you soon!

What's the best sale item you have ever found?

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