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For those that are regular readers of my blog, you will know I have a huge passion for home interior. I'd much rather spend my money on home interior than clothes and make-up, and I don't honestly think I'd ever hear myself say that! Your home is somewhere where you spend a lot of your life. It's where you invite guests and its the only place where you have the ability to truly express your personality without fear. It's somewhere where you can alter and switch things up as much as you like and you don't have to answer to anyone.

A brief background history - Both myself and my boyfriend ventured onto the property ladder and bought our very own house back in July 2011. Being a typical man, my boyfriend really doesn't take much interest in home interior, which is a bonus for me because it usually means I get my own way with a lot of things and he doesn't complain (Yes, including a lot of girly shabby chic style themes!).
Over the 3 years that we've lived there, although nothing has changed structurally, I have done a lot of decorating and playing with colour schemes and furniture.

As you can see from above, the majority of the rooms in our house are complete (or almost!), however there is one room that I feel lets the whole house down, that being the back bedroom, or my boyfriends so called 'games room'. Due to having a 3-bed house and no children, we both agreed on having our own room (as well as our bedroom) to do what we like with. I created my room into a dressing room/study (see far left photo). However, 3+ years later and there is no evidence of my boyfriend's 'games room' happening. Yes there are lots of gaming consoles in there, and a big TV to play them on.. but does my boyfriend ever go in there to play on them? Oh noooo, because he has another games console in the living room, so why should he?!

This whole situation I've become rather frustrated with because its a good sized bedroom which I feel is going to waste. It has become a dumping ground full of clothes that have no home, books that don't have a bookshelf, and mis-matched furniture, which is a huge pet hate of mine! It's the one room in the house that I always make sure the door is firmly closed each time we have visitors, just in case someone takes a sly peek when they visit the bathroom upstairs. It's the one room I am very embarrassed about (and I'm mortified I'm having to broadcast it on here!)

The walls are a pastel blue and the curtains are bright red, something which we (or should I say my partner!) has never got round to changing. He insisted on some Hollywood wallpaper on one wall (which I personally don't think ties in with anything). Everything else is either old clothes that are barely worn (and don't have a home either, simply because we don't have enough storage), or books/dvds, which have fast outgrown their homes now too because my partner is a huge comic/marvel fan and insists on buying a million graphic novels every fortnight! Every time I try and put some order into this room, it never stays neat and soon becomes that dumping ground that it always has been.

Firstly, if I was to decorate this room, I would change the colour of the carpet and go for a thick cream one instead.. I know cream isn't always practical but we don't have children and have a 'no shoes' rule in our house. I would also paint the walls a light grey colour.. something similar to this:

Source: google images
I think grey walls play it safe - it doesn't have neither a 'female' or 'male' colour stigma to it, it's simple yet modern, and its still a light tone so wouldn't darken the room.

I would love to turn this bedroom into a place of relaxation, maybe a guest bedroom, but without taking the gaming side away from my boyfriend (I don't want any arguments now!). Because my house predominantly has a shabby chic theme running through it, I'd love to spice things up a little and have this room a little bit more wild with colours and patterns. I want to steer clear of pastels and florals and all things girly, and go a little bit 'loud' almost? Wanting it to cater for several purposes/people, I am going to have to be selective of the decisions that I make! I think if my boyfriend had it his way, he'd go full on film/Hollywood/gaming themed, which is quite a specific taste. I'm hoping to be sneaky and although incorporate his passions, I'm going to design it so it accommodates more people than those who have a film/gaming addiction!

The following pieces of furniture I carefully selected, again, trying not to accommodate this bedroom purely as a gaming room. The gloss black TV cabinet I thought would be perfect to house the TV and all of my partner's consoles. It has a lot of storage so I'm hoping all the controllers etc would fit in here too, neatly out of sight!

I chose a few mirrored items, purely because I think not only are these modern, but they will reflect the light/act as mirrors.. and we all know what mirrors in rooms do!
Because of the type of room this is, I thought this quirky mirrored table would look perfect in here and would add yet more uniqueness to the room.

The white tallboy chest of drawers would house those annoying odds and sods that never have a real house..

The double wardrobe would house the many piles of clothes you can see on the floor that no longer have homes (don't tell me to throw them out.. I've already tried!).

Now, I know this Langham accent chair isn't your usual gaming chair, but how luxurious does this look? It's not very 'manly' for a games room but as previously stated, I don't want this room to shout 'I'm a stinky man's room!', hence I feel like it needs the odd feminine touch to entice my guests to want to stay in here if needs be!

Bedding for me is a massive focal point in a room, and it helps me to judge if or not I'd stay in that room. A bed is usually the first thing that draws your attention when walking into a room, therefore I want it to look as snuggly and inviting as possible.

Because this bedroom would not be slept in all the time, and the variety of people we get in here could differ, I thought I'd play it safe and go plain white with this circle knot bedding, then brighten it up with some accessories. My partner has always said if he was to do his games room out properly, he'd design it around bright bold colours, so not being completely selfish, I thought I'd introduce a yellow sheet to add to the quirkiness of the room. To tie in with this I'd drape this gorgeous mustard rib knitted throw over the bottom of the bed. A bed isn't a bed without a few cushions scattered for decoration. I decided to play about with colours and textures here, so went with black chenille cushion, a red/orange knitted cushion and a grey faux fur cushion. To finish the bed off and to really make a statement, I'd add this giant buttoned headboard which I think would make a big impact on the room.

I think lighting is important in a room, and helps to add some form of cosiness to it. Although the lighting I have chosen isn't exactly 'cosy' to look at, I think the warm glow that it would create around the room, especially reflecting off the mirrored furniture would create a nice atmosphere. I definitely had my partner's requirements in mind when I chose these. The star metal lamp is quirky and also reminds me of the whole Hollywood/film theme, and I think this would look great placed on top of the tallboy or small mirrored table for the light to reflect off. This siri pendant light is very unique. It reminds me a little of something you'd find in a science lab, but I think it would add a great statement to the bedroom, especially if it hangs lower than your usual lampshade. I couldn't not design a room that partly revolves around Film & TV without including this camera floor lamp! How cool is this?! This definitely shouts 'Lights, Camera, Action!' What's great about this is you can move the lights to a position that suits you best.

Last but not least, a bedroom isn't a bedroom without some accessories to liven it up a little! Again, being a room for a man and the odd guest, I wanted to keep it simple. The less clutter the better. This lava lamp adds to the retro/geek feel of this room. Geek in a good way though, of course! This quirky block mantel clock will help my partner keep track of the time he's wasting on the computer. I rather liked the shape of this!

These luggage type storage boxes I thought would definitely come in handy for storing books/dvds/computer games in to look neat and tidy displayed in a corner.

'The Who' vintage poster would be one of many framed posters that my partner would love to have up as a feature wall. I think presenting such things in frames as opposed to without makes it look so much more sophisticated and presentable.

This DAB radio would be perfect to pop on maybe when someone (me?!) just wants to lay and relax on my new bed...ahhh.. I'm already in dreamland. Again, the colour keeping in with the wishes of my partner!

This black aperture frame I would fill with all my partners favourite TV/comic/music heroes. I think putting photos of us is a little too personalised if this room was to double up as a guest room (plus, I think he'd rather have photos of his idols than of me in it!).

Imaging this all put together I think would look rather nice! The styles and colours are a little out my comfort zone but obviously having to accommodate for other people instead of myself I suppose I have to be a little adventurous. Everything is contemporary yet unique with a slight edge to it. I think if I was to design a room with all these items, my partner would love it... and I probably wouldn't see him for a while!

This is my entry to house to home's competition.

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