Friday, 16 January 2015

Lily Allen 'Sheezus' Nails

Although I'm a lover of all things nails, I don't often tend to wear false nails. However just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win 2 packs of Lily Allen 'Sheezus' nails. Although I've tried Elegant Touch nails before, I can't say I'd choose this design myself, however being one not to waste anything, I thought I'd give them a whirl..

I wasn't a fan of the claw look.. I felt a bit like a witch! And I definitely wouldn't have been able to do my everyday tasks so I trimmed them down to a more practical size for me..

The nails last me a week before I took them off, which I think is pretty good going! I got lots of compliments from my friends too. The design eventually grew on me too!

I've had several packs of Elegant Touch nails over the years and I've always been happy with the results.

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