Friday, 11 January 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2013!

Sorry Ive been a little absent from my blog. With christmas and new year mixed in with a little lack of enthusiasm for blogging, I decided to have a little time away from here. Ive been putting all my time into youtube and still dont feel 100% about stepping back into blogging just yet. I dont feel ready to give up completely because if anything, I look at this as having something to reflect on in years to come. However i will say for those that are regular readers, my posts will probably be a little sparse. You will however be able to see me more frequently here on youtube.

Onto my resolutions!
Most of them are beauty related, which isnt surprising!

♡   Take more care over my skin
     This includes exfoliating more and treating my skin to a face mask once a week.

♡   Get rid or reduce nail discolouration. My nails are horrible and stained so i will be
     giving them weekly treatments and giving them a breather from polish at every
     opportunity so by next year I'll dare bare all!

♡   Such a cliche 'same old same old' resolution, but lose weight. I say this every year but always
     set myself targets that are difficult to achieve. So this year I'm telling myself to lose 1.5 stone
     is an achievable target. I've already upped my game regarding exercise. I have Florida in 5 months
     time and the prospect of water parks in a bikini (or even swimming costume) scares the living daylights
     out of me, so something must be done, fast!

♡   Read a book a month. I think I did this resolution last year, and for the most part I stuck to it. I did slack
     in places, I think I finished the year by completing 10 books, which is far more than before I set the target. I
     do love to read in bed, but I get into a bad habit of crawling into bed already on the brink of passing out from
     exhaustion, so the last thing I want to do is read. So I've told myself to maybe go to bed half hour early to take
     time out to read.

♡   Spend time away from the laptop. In 2012, I spent a hell of a lot of time on the net. I got obsessed with watching
     Youtube videos, and before I knew it, 4 hours had passed. Housework came 2nd and my headaches increased, I think
     because of this, so this year I aim to either have 1 night off technology a week, or have a cut out time each night.

So thats it guys!

Sorry if some of you have already read this.. this post went up even though I hadn't finished editing it, damn ipad!

I know it feels a little late now but, Happy New Year.. I hope you all have a fab one!

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