About Me

Hello! I'm Kate, a 31 year old from a seaside town in Lincolnshire.
After graduating university with an English degree, I felt like I had to put my love for writing to some use, so a few years later, A World Full of Prettiness was born. Originally focusing on beauty, it has now branched out to reflect passions that are close to my heart.
I have a love for food, and an even bigger love for travel (Disney, I'm looking at you!), so expect to see an abundance of travel inspired posts mixed in with home interior and general lifestyle posts for good measure!
I also have a Youtube channel which I set up way back in 2010, the focus of this being purely fashion and beauty. However the theming has recently altered, and has taken a purely travel route. Be sure to stay tuned for some upcoming content!

A World Full of Prettiness has worked with several brands over the years, and still continues to work closely with some. These are: Degustabox, Kitenest, Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, The Groovy Food Company, Cheerz, Nothing But, Appleyard London, Sweet B, Ilumi, Bunches Flowers, Viking Stationery.

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