Monday 19 September 2011

Outfit of the day...

I live for my weekends, who in a 9-5 job doesn't? But it just so happens that every time I feel a little ill (and trust me, that isn't often), it always seems to be on weekends, and never when I'm meant to be at work (I think someone is trying to tell me something!).
So I had one of those weekends this weekend, I stayed in my PJs ALL of Saturday, so when Sunday came, I was determined to make the most of the day. I'm sick of wearing jeans. Because of the nature of my job, we can wear what we want (which I bet would be a lot of people's dreams! But trust me, it gets boring after a while because when the weekend comes, you feel like you're in the same clothes!). Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) I was trying to find something that wasn't too summery, but not too heavy either, as it's not cold enough yet.
Now I'm a dress kinda girl too, but most of my dresses are quite OTT and things I could only wear on a night out. Then I came across this little classic shift dress that I hadn't worn in ages...

The dress is a thick cotton with 6 gold buttons down the front. I bought it from Primark over a year ago so sorry guys, you won't be able to find it now! I've worn this on a night out before but decided to turn it into a day dress by putting a cream polka dot top (complete with shoulder pads!) underneath it. I also wore it with black tights but had taken them off before this picture...I thought it looked quite officey but I kinda liked it. Today I wore the same dress for work but with a white fitted long sleeved top underneath. The thing I love about this dress is that it's so versitile. I sometimes wear the dress without a top underneath, but sling a cardy over the top instead.

My mission over the next few weeks is try and be more creative with clothes I barely wear, and think outside the box a little more!

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