Tuesday 3 January 2012

NYE NOTN: Emerald Jewel

Together with my emerald green dress that I wore for NYE (which you can see a tiny snipet of here) I dug out one of my oldest nail varnishes in my collection that matched perfectly. I remember this was the first drugstore brand polish I'd ever bought. At 16 the most my money stretched to was the cheap crap on the local market, so it felt really good to have a Maybelline one in my Constance Carroll collection (haha, who remembers those?!).

Anyway! Seeing as thought it was NYE, I wanted a little sparkle on my nail. I was going to go for a full accent nail of jewels, but knowing they are a pain to remove, I decided on the nail tip instead.

Here's the mother of all my other polishes, a grand age of 10yrs old, and still going strong! There's still a few dotted online but their presence in the shops is long gone! This gorgeous mermaid green is called 'jelly bean' (for those that are curious!).

On a side note, I'm doing project 365. For those that haven't heard of this, you simply take a photo every day for 1 year. I think its a great way to capture memories and recall what you did, who you met and what you learned. It's also a great way to bond with a new camera! I received one for Christmas so this project is perfect for me! I'm excited seeing them all together at the end of the year!

Hope everyones' keeping to their new years resolutions! ;-)



  1. That colour is lovely! I also love anything with gems on :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. I always wanna pick gems off when I have them on my nails :/ Yours look lovely though.

    This is completely unrelated - but I nominated you for the Kreativ award :)


  3. i love how theres always that one nail polish you've had forever but just can't get rid of it cos its too dear to your heart! Love the colour!




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