Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day NOTD

Valentine's day has been quite low-key for us this year. As I mentioned in a previous post we have always splashed out on presents, nights away in hotels or meals out. This year we both agreed not to go OTT so we ruled out presents, and just exchanged cards instead. He brought me breakfast in bed (for the first time ever in 4yrs and may I add it was a weird experience - a strange concoction of foods, majority non-breakfast related, bless him, can tell he's never done that before!).

Tonight we are going to our favourite Indian which I am looking forward to!

Just having a mini pampering sesh so thought I'd leave you with a NOTD, or should I said NOTN... sorry about the shadow - my camera casts a shadow over everything I photograph at night and I'm not very techy so unaware how to avoid this annoying problemo!

Polish used - Barry M 302 Fuchsia. Fimo hearts from eBay - they are actually white with pink edging but the flash has bleached them white...

I'm going to find something pink in my wardrobe to match my nails.. it has to be done tonight! Possible OOTN coming!

What are your plans tonight?



  1. This looks gorgeous xxx


  2. Oh love your nails girlie! I hope you had a great day/night!




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