Wednesday 1 August 2012

Interior Design - My conservatory!

We've been in our house 13 months now, and I've been waiting very patiently to complete our conservatory, but we all know, money doesn't grow on trees overnight, so we've had to buy things bit by bit.
We've had the dining table about 6 months now, but our new couch only arrived last week, so a fresh new leather smell is still lingering in there.. mmm.

I've got a different colour scheme for every room in our house (need to keep my on my toes!). As you can see, I've gone for a purple/white scheme for the conservatory. I wanted to keep it fairly bright because of the type of room it is.. however I needed a pop of colour, because too much white can look a bit clinical and not very homely (in my opinion).

Although though you can't see it , in the bottom right hand corner is a small square white glossy table that has our TV on and a huge purple lamp.

This is my new love! We have a modern fabric corner sofa in our living room and although its really nice to look at, I personally find it quite uncomfy (apart from the cuddle chair!). However this is so comfy, it reclines both at the legs and the back, so its almost like being in a deck chair. When the sun in shining it's bliss, (although not so bliss when I'm trying to use my laptop as its so bright in there the screen becomes non-existant!).

I am now debating whether to get an individual chair to place on the corner of the rug that you can see in the first photo. My idea is to sort of cordon off the 'sitting area' from the dining section, to make it feel more cosy.. but I'm wondering if it might look a bit chair-overkill. Either that or create another problem by reducing the access to the patio doors. (Although the space is a little bigger than meets the eye in the photos). I was thinking of a funky chair, I've taken a liking to these ball chairs from Interior Addict. Change the red fabric to purple and bingo. I've seen these in clubs before and think they are a real focal point. Either that or invest in one of these funky bubble chairs, which I initially saw on Dragons Den aaaages ago. Although I don't think my conservatory roof would like a chain and a full grown adult hanging from it somehow!
Ahh, we can but dream!



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