Sunday 7 October 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

So I've come back to reality with a thud! Although not proper reality yet, as I'm not due back at work till Thursday (Yay!).

It was our first time in Vegas, and it was fab. Although definitely not a relaxing holiday, and somewhere where its one of those 'seen it, done it' places.

For those that don't know, Vegas strip hotels are based on different countries, which obviously comes with different themes. Looking round the hotels is something to do in itself, not to mention the shopping, eating, gambling, rides and everything else going on.

There was loads to see and do. We were only there for the week, and didn't get to see and do everything. That might be because 2 of the days were taken up with a wedding and a trip to LA though.

It certainly is the city that never sleeps... the first day (due to jet lag) we were up at 4am and out the hotel by 6am. People were already wandering around at this time, it felt really strange! We also had a Starbucks in our hotel that was open 24/7...very handy!

Over the course of the week I did a load of walking, to the point were my feet were in agony. From the moment I stepped out of bed in a morning, they still hadn't recovered from the day before. On top of that I was really tired all the time, living off approx 5 hours sleep every night (which, if you knew me, isn't good!). So I was quite a mardy girly to be sharing a room with (sorry Mike!). Every morning I was forcing myself to wake up because I felt like if I didn't, I was missing out and wasting time. It was a horrible feeling but I wasn't prepared to waste the money I had spent on the holiday, in bed!

I did a little shopping, which I'll be doing a video on soon. I'm compling an entire weeks worth of footage as I type, so if you'd like to see that, keep your eyes peeled!

The wedding (which was the sole reason why we went to Vegas) was fantastic. It was held at Caesars Palace in the gardens. It looked so pretty with the sun beaming down agaisnt the palm tree's, and the bride and groom stood on a marble platform with the guests on little white stone benches. So cute! We then jumped in a hummer limo, blasted some music on, jigged in our seats, and took a trip down to the famous Las Vegas sign were we had yet more photos.
We then came back to the strip and had THE most gorgeous food at Maggiano's. Even the salad was to die for. I could have just lived off that for the whole night it was that nice! Unfortunately during the meal Mike (my OH) had to leave and go back to the hotel because he was sick (I think it was something to do with what he ate the day before). After the speech's and a free bar (for 4hrs!), a few of them went onto a few rooftop bars (which sounded amazing!) but unfortunately I went back to tend to my OH, being the nice girlfriend I am.
I have got some footage of the wedding day too so again, eyes peeled! (Although unfortunately they wouldn't let you film during the ceremony at Caesars, nor take photos till afterwards, which I found a little harsh. Don't worry camera man, we wont take your limelight!).

For now I'm just going to leave you with a few highlights of our holiday in photos...

Till next time Vegas...

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