Friday 9 August 2013

Lifestyle - Instagram it! August Week 1

Some of you may remember reading that I have decided to photograph each day of my life in August. We're currently on day 9 and so far, so good! I'm quite enjoying doing it, some days you'll notice a little dip in the 'excitement' of the photograph, so it doesn't take a genius to know that those were work days were I never really get up to a lot! If all else fails, I turn to food for my photograph option, always a winner, haha.

Started the month with a glitter mani! I love this polish from BarryM, the colours are so pretty, its a shame the flash bleaches them out.
Aug 2nd - My mum moved house, which was a little sad but exciting. She's been in her previous house since I was 18, so 10 yrs now, so I've got a lot of good memories there - however this is her new front garden. I love the white dove box you can seem amongst the conifers, I think it's pretty!
Aug 3rd - Me and my boyfriend took an evening stroll down the seafront and stopped off at this rock shop for some sweeties!
Aug 4th - We took a drive to the Nottingham/Mansfield area and visited Newstead Abbey - I'd never been here before and it was our first 'proper' day out this summer, so was nice. We set up a picnic in the gorgeous grounds and also had a tour of the abbey, learning about Lord Byron (who I studied at Uni so was reminiscing a little!)


Aug 5th - Our Jimmy Carr tickets arrived through the post! (Which is part of my boyfriends 30th present from me). I'm a little apprehensive about this because I've only just started to like Jimmy Carr, simply because I'm not usually fast enough to get his jokes, I don't understand what's changed!

Aug 6th - I was craving cake just a little, so after browsing round Morrisons, I saw too many packs of cakes on offer, so I went for mini Victoria sponges and viennese whirls (one of my faves!). This was my first cup of tea in a few months too, so it went down a treat!

Aug 7th - I was feeling a little overwhelmed today because I've been really busy at work these past 2 weeks, and I had too many notebooks on the go, at both home and work, so I thought I'd take a photo of them all, because I love my stationary! The book on top is my most recent buy, I found it in Sainsbury's on offer - I love the fact that it says 'You are my sunshine' on the cover - my mum used to sing this song to me as a baby/young girl so its always been close to my heart.

How's your August going?!

I can't wait what the rest of the month has to bring!


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