Wednesday 25 September 2013

Fun in Florida - Magic Kingdom, Disneyland!

This is the second post in my Florida series. To read about my adventure and opinions in Animal Kingdom, click here.

We had Disneyland planned on day 2 of our holiday, and visiting this park several times as a child, I was super excited to see what I could remember.

This park really is a fairytale of dreams. The park is filled with a popcorn aroma (which I'm sure is pumped in to make you buy some!) with constant magical music playing everywhere you go (oh, and beware, if you sit in the same spot for too long, the songs can get a little repetitive as we discovered!). As with all the parks, ensure you have comfy footwear on as this park in particular puts on late firework shows that are not to be missed, so depending on which firework display you catch (yes, they put on 2 identical ones!) you may find yourself leaving the park late at night, feeling verrrrry tired after a long day in the heat...

'A Place Where Dreams Come'

Although this park is one for the children, there's something magical about it that makes adults want to explore things that they wouldn't normally bat an eyelid at.

It has a nice mixture of thrill seeking rides, to the 'in between' rides and then rides that are specifically designed for children.

The 'Dream Come True' Parade is Disney's famous show that has been ongoing since the park first opened back in the early 90's (apologies if I'm wrong with that date!) - I can still remember bits now from when I were a wee nipper! But its something not to be missed because you get to see all the characters together at once, as opposed to spotting them occasionally throughout the day, or maybe even queuing for a meet and greet. All the characters are singing and dancing and its a really uplifting and reflective experience.

Dream Come True Parade

Thrill seekers will love Space Mountain (this is actually scarier than I remember as a child!) - a rollercoaster in a 'mountain' in the dark, with the odd flash of light to get a glimpse of the track...
Big Thunder Mountain is a typical small rollercoaster that actually looks fairly deceiving and is a lot faster than anticipated (it even caused a few girly screams from me!) (I have a little bit of footage of this on the vlog below!). But being in Disney, it's only right to revert back to your childhood a little (no matter how old you are) and just appreciated the smaller rides.. 'A Small World' was a nice relaxing ride that took around 15 minutes from start to finish, but gave you time to reflect and just appreciate the here and now, and the fact that you are in one of the most well-loved places of all time, a place that some can only dream of (whilst of course admiring the attraction itself).

It's gotta be done, right?!
Disney really does amaze me of how much bloody effort that they put into everything, and I mean everything. Just by observation you can tell that everything has had some thought behind it - from how they organize ride queues, to the cleanliness of the park, to the shows, to the flow of the eateries, it just amazed me how everything flowed so perfectly with no stress, no nothing, it was as if it was meant to be.... Here in the UK, you go to a place like that and sometimes can walk away feeling quite stressed from either the lack of organization, or the shoving and pushing.. its just a different world out there.

Anyway, less of my contemplative state!

If you want to see me ride some rides or watch (the full!) A Dream Come True Parade (which is the famous Disney Parade) then watch my video HERE!

Stay Tuned for Day 3 of my Florida Series - Hmm, where will I be tomorrow?!


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