Saturday 21 September 2013

Travel: MGM Hotel Review, Las Vegas.

This review is well overdue (like, erm, almost 1 year overdue) but you know the say... better late than never!

Many of you will know that this time last year, I would have been getting ready to embark on my first ever trip to Las Vegas. We were going there predominantly for my brothers wedding (I was a bridesmaid) but we obviously made it into our annual holiday too. Read about a Las Vegas Wedding here.

My brother's wife had been to Vegas a couple of times previous, so I trusted her when she was booking a group holiday for all her guests. She chose the MGM and wow, I could not have been more happier with it.

Doing my research before I went, I knew that the hotels over there were going to grander than I'd ever seen before, but it's not till I arrived that I fully appreciated just how much effort goes into each and every hotel - they are a tourist attraction in themselves!

I remember arriving at the hotel after a long flight and walking into this humongous lobby area (below). Concierge were everywhere with those posh gold luggage trolleys, all suited and booted. I felt like I was walking into a movie set! The marble effect floor was so shiny I could almost see my face in it, lights seem to twinkle everywhere and the aroma of flowers and just pure freshness is something I'll never forget.

The room...

I don't know why but how a hotel room looks is important to me.. even though I am aware I wont spend a lot of time in there, I just like to know it looks nice... (anyone with me on this?!)

Our hotel room was classed as a 'standard king size room'. The bed was enormous and extremely comfy, you could quite happily fit 3 people in without any pushing or shoving, but I quite frankly didn't want to share my bed with a 3rd person ;-) I remember really missing this bed once I had returned home!

Although a lot of it is out of sight in this photo, there was a lot of storage, drawer space and a wardrobe/closet, that was big enough to shove those suitcases in out the way.

As you can see from the photo, there was plenty of seating available if you had your friends round from other rooms. I sat at the desk on several occasions when I wanted to use my laptop (which may I add, connected to the hotels free Wi-Fi like a dream).

Our view I thought was pretty good. We had a view of the highway and of the airport. You could see planes taking off every few minutes, and although so close, luckily you couldn't hear them.
The window ledge is also wide enough to sit on and just enjoy a drink whilst admiring the view, (or watching the sunset as I did on several occasions).

A fridge is provided in the room, however this is locked and you have to pay to open it, so there was no way of keeping drinks chilled. There was an ice bucket provided with free ice machines down the hallway, which we filled on several occasions.

The bathroom was nice and big (the shower and bath being behind the door in this photo, which really doesn't do it justice!), with lots of towels provided and re-stocked on a daily basis if you wanted room service. I remember the shower being amazing, very powerful! There were lots of complimentary beauty products provided too (which is almost standard in every hotel now).

Hotel Amenities...

Although MGM is very central, and at the start of the strip, Vegas in itself can get very tiring on the ol' feet, especially in the heat, however there are a few transport options available. The monorail was very close by to the hotel which is a little more expensive than the bus (bus was $8 for 24hrs, which stopped at The Monte Carlo hotel, so was a short walk from there back to the MGM). There are free trams that go from certain hotels to others, but they don't transport you up and down the full strip.

MGM is one of the bigger hotels in Vegas - it has lots of restaurants to offer, all catering in different styles of food. The hotel also holds a few nightclubs (something we didn't manage to check out), a 24/7 Starbucks for you coffee lovers!, a food court that included cheaper quick takeaway style food (i.e. McDonalds, Chinese, pizza etc). There were 2 convenience shops on site (1 of them I didn't discover till the end of my holiday which highlights how big the hotel is!). The rainforest cafe is a must for anyone with children - I don't have children myself but my little niece loved it (ok, I did too!). They have a 'storm' on every 30 minutes whilst you are dining. Lights begin flashing, jungle noises fill the air and the animals begin moving all around whilst you are eating.. a fantastic jungle experience for the little ones!

The pool area is amazing (with a capital A!). There are 7 (yes, 7!) different pools to choose from. I even found a jacuzzi style pool that I had all to myself! Unfortunately we weren't there to swim that day though (just went for a nosey) so I could only dip my legs in, but they looked fab, especially the lazy river!

I loved every minute I spent at MGM and would definitely recommend it to anyone that is visiting Las Vegas. It was a shame there was so much to see in Vegas, I could have quite happily spent another week here, just enjoying my own hotel amenities without stepping foot outside of it!

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Which hotel did you stay in?


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