Friday 11 October 2013

Interior Design: My Future Hallway Decor

My Dream Hallway

Ever since moving into our first home I have had visions of what i'd love my hallway to look like. I think hallways are an important part of the home because its the place that guests encounter first upon entering your home, and if you're house proud like me, you'll want them to have pleasant memories of their first impression.

We currently have laminate flooring down the hallway and cream carpet up the stairs and landing. We have a very typical neutral colour scheme going on of creams and light browns which we havent really done anything with since moving in over 2 years ago.

My ideal hallway would be carpeted with a thick cream carpet (very impractical but very luxurious and whilst I havent got children....!). I would go for a silver grey tone floral wallpaper with mirrored accessories. I have been eyeing up the parisian drawers for too long now.. this would pop in the corner of my hallway and be home to the lamp, candle and jewelled bowl which would come in handy to pop house keys in when entering through the front door. Having the lamp on and candle lit at night, reflecting off the mirrored table I think would create a really soft romantic aura.

I cant wait to get cracking!

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  1. Love the colours :) I'm in the process of buying my first house with my fiancé & currently going crazy what schemes to pick! May have to pinch a few of your lovely ideas :)


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