Friday 2 May 2014

Home Decor: Project Hallway #2

Way back in February I did a post on my (then) hallway before I began 'playing'. You can read this post here.

In this post you will begin to see the colour scheme that I've chosen. I ideally wanted a light grey gloss but being female, after browsing B&Qs paint aisles and them not having the shade I wanted, I settled for 2nd best. It didnt enter my head to try another DIY shop in our town! Doh! (For those that are interested, the gloss I used was Crown's non-drip gloss in 'Steel Drum').
Painting the hallway was a pretty long and tedious process. I work 9-5 and I began painting before the clocks went back, so the nights were still dark, so I was having to paint on my weekends off in order to get natural lighting. I got bored really easily and things started to go wrong so I was so glad when it was all over!

Excuse the washing in this picture!

Once we had glossed the door frames and stairs/bannister, we began painting the cream walls white. The whole painting process took approx 10 weeks which was far too long for my liking! The paintwork still isnt perfect and there's still a few touch ups Ive got to do but for now it can wait!

The first thing that was fitted after the painting was done were the blinds. I went for a light grey/silver venetian blind in the recess of our window. I feel this offers a bit more privacy than if it was out of the recess. I originally wanted to stick to Roman blinds as I felt they might look a little cosier, however I'm pleased with the venetian ones, it meant we could get rid of our nets which I think makes everywhere look a lot brighter and cleaner. If I had it my way, I wouldn't have nets up at any window, but I'm too much of a private person not to have nets. I hate people looking in, and I think it adds a bit more security.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post in this 'Project Hallway' series - its the big reveal!


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