Friday 15 August 2014

August's Birchbox - 'Away We Go'

This month's Birchbox is based on the thing I love to do best - travelling! It includes some of their travel essentials, including a lifestyle item - Chapter 1 of 'The Proposal' by Tasmina Perry (which can I just say, I've read and it sounds pretty good - its made me want to get the full book now!).

First of all, lets quickly comment on the packaging.. usually all products come in the famous drawstring bag, which, whilst I'm on the topic - has anyone actually found a use for these yet? I find them to be one of the most un-useful things ever.. the best thing I've found to use it for is storing my dirty underwear in when I'm travelling (sorry for TMI!). They're piling up in my cupboard and I really don't know why I insist on keeping them!

Instead the drawstring bag was replaced with a plastic zip-lock bag which I may actually use for my next plane journey as I believe its within the correct measurements for my carry on liquids.

Lets take a closer look...

Supergloop CC Cream (x2) - Full size £32

This is very similar to a BB cream but instead this colour corrects your skin - it adapts to any redness or discolourations. CC creams claim to be lighter on the skin than BB creams, with a more air-whipped finish.
The Supergloop is pretty natural for me and doesn't cover my imperfections up as much as I would like. Maybe on good skin days this would be good but because I've gotten so used to full coverage foundation, I don't like any other now, and feel naked when using tinted stuff. I'll probably bring this to hotter climates with me when I try not to use as much make up.

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect - Full size £20

This is a leave-in conditioning spray that claims to detangle and protect against heat and sun damage. As I've previously mentioned, I'm a pain for using hair products.. I use the bare minimum, simply cos I either forget or I'm too lazy to incorporate them into my routine. I'm really not a hair person! However I will bring this on holiday with me because I know how tangled your hair can get when on the beach/in the pool etc.

Wild About Beauty Crème Eyeshadow - £13

This claims to be a long-lasting, satin finish shadow from Louise Redknapp's range. I received a really nice medium brown tone in the shade 04 ('Matilda'). I love the compact it comes in, even with its own little mirror. I do have so much eyeshadow though so I may pass this on.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser - Full size £26

I've yet to try this but I do like using exfoliaters on my skin a few times a week to get rid of any grime that normal products struggle to remove. I love how exfoliaters leave your skin feeling baby soft too, and I'm sure this will do the same!

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil - Full size £58

This is an oil that is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 (who knows?!) and claims to hydrate and smooth your skin.
I've just finished something very similar to this that had a tightening effect on my face - I still can't decide if I enjoyed using it or not!

Overall, a nice varied box ready for those summer holidays you may have coming up!

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