Saturday 3 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I love seeing what people received for Christmas both on Youtube and here, so I thought this year I'd create my own since I don't often film any more.

I'm not going to list each individual item that I got because I'd be here all day, so instead I'll let the photo's do the talking...

Home Accessories...

The blue 'house' on the left has little drawers that you can open.. I'm still deciding on what to put in these yet (probably jewellery) but it's sitting nicely on my desk :-)

The cute little trinket box next to it was from my little brother and he filled it with 4 yankee candles. I like it cos it's got a 'secret' compartment. I think I'm gonna store my dollars in here ready for Florida!


I think this is my most favourite section.. a bowl full of Lush products (that I selected a few days before Christmas so I knew I was getting this). Some new Armani Diamonds perfume (I had this a few years ago so it brings back memories!) and some rotating hair curlers (and straighteners!) in one, which I'm still trying to get to grips with as I'm not a hair person at all!


I really love candles, and I'm quite satisfied if I receive these as presents. Although the boxed yankee candles are for the festive season, luckily a lot of the scents you could get away with burning all year round, which is good. This is also my first ever Yankee Candle jar I've had! I begrudge paying yankee prices usually, so only normally go for sample sizes, however my mum treat us to this as part of our present.


One of my main presents from Mike was this bunch of dollars that he got me, and thoughtfully placed in a shabby chic frame which I'll definitely get use out of too. There's about 3 days worth of spending money there so that will help a lot towards my savings.
I received a bunch of vouchers as well, I seem to be collecting a nice pile of Dunelm Mill vouchers which I'm looking forward to spending nearer Springtime when they get some new stock in.


I got a few pairs of nice fluffy socks, as well as some knee high socks (although I think I'll just wear these as normal socks!) A nice coin purse as well, something I often use when I'm swapping from my work bag to weekend bag!


Last but not least, Christmas isn't Christmas without some chocolate! I'm embarrassed to say that most of these have gone now as well. I of course shared them with Mike though! My ultimate fave are Ferrero Rocher, which Mike always buys me on pretty much every occasion.

I got well and truly spoilt, especially by Mike this year and I'm so grateful for everything I received.

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas!


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