Saturday 24 October 2015

Photo Diary | Florida 2015 | Day 8 - 11

I hope you're all enjoying the run-down of my Disney holiday so far! For those that have missed it, here are days 1-3, and day 4 - 7.
Day 8 saw us venturing around some of the Disney hotels. Last time I went to Florida we just didn't have time to do this, however after much research, I realised how much these needed to be seen, so I penciled some time in our itinerary to ensure this was done! We had a walk round Disney's Grand Floridian (one of the deluxe resorts). This was absolutely stunning with huge chandeliers draping down in the reception/lounge of the hotel. Everywhere just oozed luxury! We mooched around some of their Disney art gallery shops within the hotel - they had some gorgeous pieces but way out of our price range! We then headed to Downtown Disney and sampled a meal in The Boathouse, which is a new restaurant. I had THE best burger whilst I was here. Totally recommend! The restaurant also had a great concept - An Amphicar - a car that turns into a boat that you can take a ride in in Lake Buena Vista. Mighty pricey though, may I add, but still, such a unique experience nonetheless! After this we visited Disney's golf course and had a go at mini golf on an interactive golf course. I really wanted to do this last time but time was against us, so I was glad to play it this time - It was "free" with our park tickets that we had purchased, so it was a great little time killer. We then visited Disney's Boardwalk for the first time ever, and both me and Mike fell in love. The atmosphere here was just perfect. So relaxing with a little bit of quirkiness added in. So glad that we went (and proceeded to visit a further 3 times in the evenings!). 
Part of Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel

The Grand Floridian

Burger in The Boathouse, Downtown Disney

The Amphicar at DTD

Crazy Golf!

Disney's Boardwalk

The Boardwalk
Day 9 we ventured to IHOP for breakfast pancakes then headed to Islands of Adventure. We re-rode some of the rides that we did on the first day, and had a meal in a swanky hotel on The Boardwalk in the evening. 
Blueberry Lemonade to start the day.. Yum!

Islands of Adventure. Sadly the Marvel section is being replaced :-(

THE best water ride!

Salad for starters...
Day 10 saw us heading to Hollywood Studios. I had my first proper Disney dining table service experience in The Sci-Fi restaurant - imagine an old skool American drive-in cinema where you all sit in your cars and watch a film - yep, that was us but eating. Such a bizarre yet unique experience. We saw a stunt show and rode yet more rides. 
Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Diner in HS

Motor, Camera, Action! Stunt show
Day 11 we visited a mall (yes, another mall!). Here I finally managed to pick up a few souveniers for my niece. I sampled my first ever Five Guys (nice, but not as good as Shake Shack!) and had a late visit to Universal Studios were we saw their evening entertainment. Lots of lasers, coloured water displays and fireworks! We then rounded the day off with a late night trip to the cinema (I'm talking an 11.30pm entrance!). I buried my head in popcorn that was bigger than my head and drank coke till it was coming out my ears. True American style. As for the cinema experience and the crowd. Wow. Just wow. 
Laser/Water show on the river (Universals Cinematic Experience)
Stay tuned for days 12 - 14!

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  1. Looks brilliant!! I love Disneyland but have only ever been to the Paris one! x

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