Thursday 18 February 2016

Review - January's Degustabox + discount code!

For those that are new to Degustabox, imagine your monthly beauty boxes, but instead of beauty items, its food products!
This months' box I found to be very savoury based, with only one edible food item in there (and it was dark chocolate.. not to most people's liking!)

Lets take a closer look...

  • Ready to wok slim noodles: £2.49 - A repeat product for Degustabox.. I think the previous packet is still sat in my cupboard, so I think that alone highlights my thoughts on this item.
  • Amoy Taste of Asia Sauce (Thai Green Curry & Malaysian Laska): £1.79. We love a good Tahi Green Curry in our house, so this one got used up pretty quickly. The taste was perfect and added the right amount of spice to our curry. I have yet to try the other flavour but it sounds intriguing!
  • Coldpress Apple Juice: £1.40 - I took this on our roadtrip to Manchester last week. I'm not too sure what to say about this other than it tasted like every other apple juice that I've previously tried.

  • Jordans Country Crisp Cereal (Fruit & Nut): - £2.69. Jordans always reminds me of my uni days - this is when I first discovered this brand. I usually opt for the hazelnut pack, so this fruit & nut was new to me, however it was lovely. It felt like a real treat to have in a morning for breakfast, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate purchasing this again.
  • Tsingtao Chinese Beer: £2 - I'm no beer drinker so I've given this to Mike to drink. It's still tucked in the fridge for a rainy day so no thoughts on this yet!
  • Yushoi Snapea rice sticks: £2. I was so pleased when I saw a pack of these in my box because the week prior to this arriving, I had discovered this snack and I'd already made my way through 2 packs. They're different but so tasty. They have the texture of Chipstick crisps, but they're made using greenpeas, so they're a little healthier. Yum!
  • Conscious Chocolate: £3. These come in 3 flavours, however I got dark chocolate, which I'm no fan of, so I have popped it in my baking cupboard because they tend to come in for sweet bakes!
  • Crobar: £2.25 - With it's 'cricket flour' and 'nuts and seeds' this sounds more like a health bar, so I have popped it on Mike's shelf - He plays football so tends to be my guinea pig when it comes to energy/health bars!

  • Finn Crisp Crispbread: £1.20 - Another repeat product for DB, and one that I struggle to use. Although these are tasty, I find them more hard work when it comes to making a snack/sandwich.
  • Clarks: £2.39 - Carob Fruit Syrup. Another product that I'll probably struggle to use.. it's not often I use syrup in my cooking/baking. I could have used this for pancake day but totally forgot!
 If you are interested in giving this subscription box a try, I have a massive £6 discount code for you, which enables you to purchase the box for half price! Use 8IGIDN at the checkout to grab your bargain box!

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