Thursday 3 March 2016

February Round-Up - Manchester, Holiday Bookings & A Seaside Trip

February has been a busy month for me in terms of travel. Mid February saw us spending 2 nights in Manchester. I love Manchester as a city, and so does Mike. We've always said if we was to ever move anywhere, Manchester would probably be the place. We've been so many times now, and it never gets tired. Whilst in Manchester I finally got to see Mary Poppins the musical. This is a film that is very close to my heart, one of those nostalgic films that I grew up on as a child (and also one of those annoying people that know pretty much every word to the film). Unfortunately it didn't meet my expectations, maybe because they were too high, I don't know. Why do musicals insist on changing the personalities of the characters in the film? So annoying! We also enjoyed afternoon tea at an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. We dined in Rio Ferdinand's restaurant which was pretty swish (and amazing marble d├ęcor!).

Whilst in Manchester we also booked a very grand holiday. I'm still squirming about the price but I'm trying not to think of that anymore! We're going away for 3 weeks in the run up to December, to both New York, Disney and Clearwater. I cannot wait!

Valentines day was the day after arriving back from Manchester. After Mike treating me to afternoon tea and a meal at Rosso's, an unexpected bunch of roses arrived on my doorstep on Sunday. I really wasn't expecting anything else so this was a lovely surprise!

February also saw me buy my first ever brand new car. It's proper swish and I love it! No more car break-downs!

Last weekend we took a trip to Scarborough where I reviewed my first ever hotel for my blog. Such an exciting opportunity which made me realise that if it wasn't for my little blog, I wouldn't be laid in a bath in a grand bathroom, surrounded by nothing but countryside. It was pure bliss and much appreciated. We also took a trip to Whitby which stole my heart, but more on that another day...

Wow, what a busy busy month! And there's only more to come in March!

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Till next month...


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