Wednesday 26 July 2017

Disney: Top 5 things to do outside of the theme parks

For those that have been to Florida before will know that spending a full 2 weeks in the parks can be extremely exhausting to the point where you make yourself ill. I couldn't recommend enough pencilling in a few days to chill out. I know what you're all thinking 'I didn't pay X amount of money to do nothing!' Chill out days don't have to necessarily be doing 'just nothing' (although I think by the end of the holiday you'd be begging for that!), but more of a 'lets take it easy' day, to give those poor old feet a rest!

I've been to Florida enough times now to know how to make the most out of your chill out days away from the theme parks.

1. Visit a beach! Florida has SO many gorgeous beaches, and because of the theme parks, they're so overlooked by tourists because they get sucked in by Disney that they forget that there really is more to Orlando than just the parks! I've visited several over the years and they're all perfect in their own little way, and you can find a beach to suit your needs. You're still chilling out, but seeing Florida at the same time!

St Petes Beach, FL
2. Designer Outlets/Malls. Orlando is home to some fantastic shopping, and some jaw-dropping discounts. The malls have lots of restaurants to eat at too (The Cheesecake Factory, I'm looking at you!) so you can easily make a nice slow afternoon from shopping, picking up souveniers, as well as some treats for yourself. Retail therapy is the way forward on holiday - you don't have to worry about seeing people in the same item of clothing when you return home, always a bonus!

ice skating rink in Clearwater Mall
3. Disney's Mini Golf - If you have Disney tickets, then you can access this for free, and the theming of both courses are brilliant! I feel like these are also overlooked, but can provide an hour or 2's entertainment, and its great fun for all the family. I've been to both courses, Fantasia Gardens and Winter Wonderland, and the design on both is great, although I did prefer Winter Wonderland more. If you like Christmas, you'll love this!

Winter Wonderland Golf Course
4. Boggy Creek Boat Rides  - I personally haven't done this one yet but it often crops up on my itinerary to do, we just never get round to it! These rides are fairly close to Orlando and aren't too expensive. They're great for nature lovers and will enable you to see Orlando from a slightly different perspective, as well as giving you an adrenalin rush from the speed!

source: google images
5. Hire a boat on the Severn Seas Lagoon - For those that have travelled to Magic Kingdom by Ferryboat from the car park would have travelled across the Severn Seas Lagoon. You can hire boats out (that are self-driven), fetch your own music, food etc and just have a few hours out on the lagoon all by yourself! We're definitely going to look into it this year!

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