Thursday 28 February 2013

Pancake Happy!

I know this might be a little bit belated, but you'll understand once you begin reading :-)

I've never really been big on Pancake Day, mainly because I was never fond of them as a child, however the last few years I've grown to like them, and ever since moving into my own place, I've wanted to celebrate all the 'smaller' events such as Pancake day.. and this year was no exception..

When I spotted a competition run by asking for creative pancake photos, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to.. er... go a bit wacky. And before you ask, no I haven't got children.. Although I wish I did (just for this one night!) because I'm sure they would have had a lot of fun eating this!

This was my 2nd attempt (I originally did a spider with Cadburys chocolate fingers as legs eating a stack of pancakes, but a few days later created this one, which I much prefer!). It was quite time consuming but I'm fairly pleased with the end result!

Underwater Pancakes!

The sea creatures 'bodies' are all pancakes, the 'extras' are all sweets that came from a big bag of pik'n'mix that I carefully selected in order to help me achieve this look, (however a lot of the sweets didn't make it on this plate, but instead went in my mouth prior to the making of this pancake scene.. its a good job the plate wasn't big enough!)

To recreate this scene you will need:

Pancake Mix
150g Flour
2 Eggs
1/4pint milk
(Plus a little oil for frying)

Strawberry laces (these will create Octopus Tenticles and sea creatures mouths)
A handful of Smarties
Green jelly sweets to create leaves for sea plants (I was hoping to get green laces for seaweed but couldn't find any :-(
Chocolate chips to give the shark a more dark and dangerous colour!
Some gummy teeth
A few drops of blue food colouring to create an underwater effect (I used a basting brush to 'paint' the plate)
A sprinkle of blue cake sugar for added water effects.

Did you make anything creative for pancake day? Join in with the competition if you did!


Monday 11 February 2013

Glossybox 'Will you be ours?' Valentines Edition

First of all I want to start by saying I apologise for my lack of blogging as of late. You want my honest opinion? I lost my blogging mojo once again.. I've been a youtube girl lately.. for those that don't know, I not only watch videos, but I make them as well.. about allsorts.. but mainly hauls.. cosmetics hauls, clothes hauls, home interior hauls, you name it hauls, I'll probably do it.

Anyway, back on track. I received my GB today.. I normally forget that its even due till it lands on my doorstep. Ok, maybe not my doorstep. More like when I arrive home from work, walk down the hallway and see yet another red card from the postman telling me to go to my local post depo. Don't you just HATE receiving those cos you immediately think 'here we go again, another trip I could be doing without'.
Luckily my OH was in today so he got to the door before the postman wrote his card of death out (ok, maybe a little too extreme, but you get my drift!)..


Micabella Mineral blush - I've received a few of these now, eyeshadow, blush, and another blush. I'm not really a blush kinda person... I do wear it but its not one of my most exciteable products...

Mememe Beat The Blues skin illuminator/highlighter. This excites me, a lot! I've almost finished my High Beam by Benefit so this has come in perfect timing. Its full size too at 12ml. Which, btw, sounds tiny but the 'jar' is a pretty generous size. Either way, can't wait to use this!

Helen E Cosmetics Mositurising Lipstick. Theres a few strange brand names in this months box that Ive never heard of before, but I'm all for trying new things. This lipstick looks a little dark for me in the shade 'dusk'. Its a deep red, almost vampire looking. I'll have a play with this and see what I can come up with. I'd love to be a little more adventurous with my lipstick, but bright red is daring enough for me.

'Q' - The fine fragrance Body Spray. The packaging of this makes this product look a little more luxurious than your average body spray, however the scent is.... average? Nothing out the ordinary. Its nice and fresh but I wouldn't run out and buy it anytime soon. It says its ideal for Valentines Day. I can't see why... its not a sensuous/romantic/sweet smell. Its also full size at 100ml.

Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream (for the face and neck). This sounds yummy, both in consistency and scent. I was expecting a really fruity cream but it doesn't seem that overpowering, which to me is a little disappointing cos I'm a sucker for fruity sweet smelling products (I personally like walking round like a sweet shop on foot).

All in all, a pretty impressive month.

Till next time!

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