Friday 30 September 2011

Models Own: Beatlejuice collection

Are these adorable or are these adorable? Model's own are releasing this beatlejuice collection early November on their website (lets hope they make the shops too!). These gorgeous multi-tonal shades with a chrome finish are a must for any nail polish addict!

From L-R - Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Emerald Black.
RRP £5.

My favourite is Aqua Violet. Whats yours?

Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday 28 September 2011

My first blog award!

What a lovely surprise when I logged in tonight.. I've been seeing these on quite a few blogs but never dreamt I'd get given one myself, after all, my blog is only a few weeks old.. its still a baby!

I have Hayley from to thank for this :-) Like me, she's still a newbie, but posts regular updates with variety (which is what I like). So if you're into beauty mixed in with fashion with a spoonful of interior design and a sprinkle of randomness then you'll love her blog!

I just want to say thank you again... I've been recording video's on YT for a year now, but have slowly become majorly addicted to this and neglected YT in the process (whoops, sorry to all my subscribers!) I like the fact that its a hell of a lot less time consuming on here. It reminds me of a diary, but a photographic one, which is what I love. It's something I think I'll keep for a few years and it'd be great to look back on. I also think its nice how you follow other people through their lives too but maybe not even know them in person (my boyfriend thinks its sad how I can read 'waste my time' reading about other people's lives that I don't even know, but I guess that's what us girls do!)

So, with this award comes a few little rules..
*Thank the person who awarded you and give a link back to their blog.
*Write 7 random facts about yourself that people may not already know.
*Spread the love and award 15 other bloggers.

7 random facts about me:
*I have an English degree (ha, would you believe it?!)
*I live a 5 minute drive from the seaside (some call us lucky but have you seen the beaches round here?)
*I can touch my nose with my tongue (yuck!)
*Me and my boyfriend have just recently (in July) moved in together in our first house with a mortgage (and this is where all the dreaded bills start and the luxury spending stops *sobs*)
*I have a massive phobia of needles - I have fillings without a needle, and the last needle I had was over 13yrs ago!
*I can't put tissue/cotton wool or most materials in my mouth, it makes my skin crawl!
*I have been to more places abroad than I have in my own country..

That's as 'random' as it's gonna get! (I lead a boring life!)

15 other bloggers...

Muhsine - (I've been addicted to her blog just recently, esp the DIY/Interior blogs. She's due to become a mum any minute now so go over and wish her good luck!)
Becca - Ever stuck for fashion ideas then this is your girl. Also holds regular competitions which I've just had the pleasure in winning one of them so can't wait to receive my prize!
Rachel - Another blog that I've been addicted to just lately. A range of in depth posts, mostly beauty & fashion orientated.
Zoe - Theres something about her posts that I just love. She's got a love for vintage things and posts on numerous topics. She has like a squillion followers though so someone with 19 followers giving her an award she'll probably laugh in my face! So we'll keep this one between you & me ;-)
Sam - This is another blog that I will always make sure I read when I see it in my little box. Theres something about her blog that makes her entries so easy but nice to read. I find myself relating to a lot of her entries too, which is always nice.

The rest I still love but will start to get repetitive with my 'description' (why did I even start that? it just emphasises favouritism! Most of them are that A-Star on here that they won't give 2 hoots if they've got an award from me or not! But here goes, just to stick to the rules ;-))

Hope you're all having a great week!

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Las Vegas: And the countdown begins...

So the title says it all really... exactly 1 year today and I'll be in Las Vegas! My older brother is getting married over there and I'm being bridesmaid, and I really can't wait!
I'm doing a post about it to mark a few things really...
A year to:
*Knuckle down on this 'diet' that never seems to happen. I want to be comfortable in my bridesmaids dress and in a bikini. Feeling self conscious on holiday is the worst thing ever so I am determined to lose at least 2 stone. Keeping it up for a year seems a hell of a long time, but also its a lot of time to do things gradual, which with me, might be the best way (I have an extra extra sweet tooth! ;-)
*Knuckle down on the saving. I haven't really saved anything yet. I'm going to increase my savings by £100 a month, so that should give me a nice amount by next year. I'm also asking for dollars for christmas and my birthday next year which will go towards my spending.
*Research! Me and the boyfriend have decided to start trying for a family next year after the holiday, so this will be the last 'big one' before any serious commitements, so I want to make the most of it and make sure I do everything I want to do. My boyfriend really wants to do the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon but I'm still debating that one. Either way, there seems to be so much to do over there, (not to mention all the shops, I'm gonna be in heaven!) so I'm going to spend some serious time researching to make sure it's perfect!

Expect the odd blog from now until then, because I'm sure as the months pass by, my excitement will only rise, and I'll need someone to share it with! (I've already bored my boyfriend to tears!)

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?


Sunday 25 September 2011

A productive weekend...

So after last weeks somewhat wasted weekend, I was determined to make the most of this weekend. We began the weekend with a lovely chinese from our new local takeaway (we've recently moved house and its the first time we have tried it out.. 10/10 for tastiness!).
Yesterday (Saturday) consisted of bagging up a load of eBay items that I sold and posting them off. House chores, followed by an afternoon babysitting my 1yr old niece. Rounded off by a few hours at my boyfriends friends wedding reception.
Today has involved lots of sorting out....paperwork/bills/letters (it's amazing how fast they build up isn't it!?), and sorting out clothes (I always start of with good intentions but after a while thats one that I wish I'd never started!). I've finally made more storage in our bed drawer so my boyfriend has a little more room for his clothes bless him (I've took pretty much 90% of the storage up).
I've indulged in X Factor that I missed last night (I know, I know, but I figured it would be a good idea to get involved in some programme for when my boyfriend works nights...). All that mixed in with lots of cups of tea and a little bit of chocolate!

My weekend in pictures... 

I bought this dress from the Be Beau range in Matalan around 3 months ago in the sale for £11. Its the first time I've had chance to wear it. I love anything lace so I loved this! I would have loved to wear it without a cardigan to show it off a little more but I'm a little conscious of my upper arms so I popped a dusty pink cardy over the top (bought from the Aux Paris range in New Look) with gorgeous embroided detailing on the shoulders. I wore flesh coloured tights and a pair of patent court shoes from New Look that were a very similar colour to my cardy. I felt a little summery considering it's almost October but the party was a last minute decision so I didn't have an outfit planned!

This was the vintage necklace I puchased from Primark a few weeks ago, I thought it matched perfectly with my outfit.

My niece, Holly

I love a productive weekend! What did you do?

Friday 23 September 2011

Affordable winter coats...

So its coming to that time of the year again! Today my winter coat saw daylight for the first time in months. If you're anything like me, you like to have a new winter coat every year.
I've been trawling the websites now for the last few days and have noticed the same coats make a reappearance in the winter collection every year - Gilets, Faux Fur, Macs, Quilted Jackets/coats and duffles, they've even got clever and started combining 2 styles (i.e. the quilted duffle!). I've had many a macs, I've owned a duffle before, I've just sold a faux fur gilet but can honestly say I've never got my hands on a quilted coat, simply because I've never liked them before. Well.. till now... (it's amazingly strange how your fashion sense/taste changes over time isn't it?)

I don't know why but I've always associated quilted coats with old ladies, but it was a picture from an email I received from that created a different opinion in my mind. Unfortunately I don't have that picture to give you as the coat as not been released yet. However! I've trawled a few sites and here are a few to add to my wishlist...

Long Faux Fur Textured Coat.
Topshop -£89

  I remember really wanting one of these coats last year but I was so skint so didn't manage to get one in the end. I think this coat would be good for an evening out or for a special occasion. It looks so snuggly but this colour isn't really ideal for winter, let alone the material, so best kept for best! (They do them in black but I think this colour looks so much cuter!) Think a belt would look fab with this as well.


Rust Collarless Frill Mac
Miss Selfridge - £65

Everyone knows now that this colour is huge this season, which is one of the reasons why I picked it, but I also liked the detailed collar and the belt bow adds that feminine touch. The style of this is also really flattering and tends to suit all figures. Only downside to macs are that they aren't very warm in the winter, si this would be ideal for Autumn teamed up with a pair of skinny jeans and wedged or fur cuffed boots.

South three-quarter Quilted belted jacket
South - £55

There are some really nice quilted jackets out there, and some really ugly ones. It took me a while to find one that I really liked. I found this on the website, and the brand is South, which is also found in House of Fraser. I love this coat for a number of reasons - The colour - We all know black goes with everything. The belt - detachable but will cinch you in at the right places if you dislike the style of a 'straight' coat. The big brass looking buttons gives this coat a hint of military style to it. The length is perfect for winter. I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold so this will definitely keep me warm! 

Mustard Velvet Tie Double Breasted Coat
Topshop - £75
This is yet another colour which is massive this season. I think the cute bow at the collar was what attacted me to this though. Minus that and I think this would look like many coats out there. Like the last one, the length is good too. This is a good casual yet sophisticated coat which could be worn both in the day and at night.
I think it's so hard to choose a winter coat because not every coat suits certain outfits so I always think its good to have a few to choose from!
Have you chosen your winter coat yet?


Monday 19 September 2011

Outfit of the day...

I live for my weekends, who in a 9-5 job doesn't? But it just so happens that every time I feel a little ill (and trust me, that isn't often), it always seems to be on weekends, and never when I'm meant to be at work (I think someone is trying to tell me something!).
So I had one of those weekends this weekend, I stayed in my PJs ALL of Saturday, so when Sunday came, I was determined to make the most of the day. I'm sick of wearing jeans. Because of the nature of my job, we can wear what we want (which I bet would be a lot of people's dreams! But trust me, it gets boring after a while because when the weekend comes, you feel like you're in the same clothes!). Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) I was trying to find something that wasn't too summery, but not too heavy either, as it's not cold enough yet.
Now I'm a dress kinda girl too, but most of my dresses are quite OTT and things I could only wear on a night out. Then I came across this little classic shift dress that I hadn't worn in ages...

The dress is a thick cotton with 6 gold buttons down the front. I bought it from Primark over a year ago so sorry guys, you won't be able to find it now! I've worn this on a night out before but decided to turn it into a day dress by putting a cream polka dot top (complete with shoulder pads!) underneath it. I also wore it with black tights but had taken them off before this picture...I thought it looked quite officey but I kinda liked it. Today I wore the same dress for work but with a white fitted long sleeved top underneath. The thing I love about this dress is that it's so versitile. I sometimes wear the dress without a top underneath, but sling a cardy over the top instead.

My mission over the next few weeks is try and be more creative with clothes I barely wear, and think outside the box a little more!

Sunday 18 September 2011

Yet another No7 boots voucher...

So the title says it all... for a limited time (which seems to happen quite often in Boots), every time you make a purchase over £5, they give you a £5 off No7 voucher. I had one a few weeks ago that was due to run out, so I rushed into boots, clearly feeling the urge to waste yet more money, just to use my voucher! Does anyone else do that?! Then I get to the till for the woman to then hand me yet another new voucher over, this time a double one with £5 off No7 and £5 off all perfumes. Argh. I've never been one to buy No7 products, so I began searching for the cheapest product available, which was the nail polishes... none of the colours really stood out to me (that I hadn't already got with previous vouchers..). However! I think they must have released their winter collection of varnishes because there's a few new colours in there...

I clapped eyes on this little beauty...

Now I have over 50 nail varnishes, and not one of them is orange. I've never been an orange kinda girl... but..maybe I was feeling brave that day? I know the whole rusty colours are huge this season, the burnt oranges and reds, the mustards and the browns, so I figured this would be a good way to incorporate those colours into my 'wardrobe' without 'wearing' them as such. The picture doesn't do it justice, it is a lovely tangy (hence the name) orange colour and would also look great with a tan.. (not that we're about to embark on tanning season though!)

I can't wait to find an outfit that would go with this nail varnish!

What have you bought with your No7 voucher?!

Friday 16 September 2011

ELF Goodies!

So yesterday was doubly exciting. I came home from work to receive not just my Glossybox, but my ELF order too!

I haven't treat myself to any make-up for over 2 months now. For those of you that don't follow me on YT, me and my boyfriend have recently got a mortgage together and only moved in together in July, so I've had to be a little bit careful with money. So regarding my cosmetics, I've been on a bit of a 10-pan project with most things (and actually done quite well, may I add!). However! When I received an Email through from ELF advertising 50% off all products, I thought it would be silly of me to turn the offer away!

For those of you that have never heard of ELF (although I'm sure most of you have by now!) It stands for Eyes Lips & Face, and is a really cheap inexpensive cosmetics brand. They have 2 lines, the normal one, where most products are £1.50-£3.50, then the studio line, where products are £3.50 and above, and are better quality. ELF are always doing really good offers, free P&P, 50% off, free gifts with orders placed etc, so its really worth checking them out if you're on a budget but need to satisfy that cosmetics craving!

Ok... onto my purchases...

I purchased 10 products in total which should have come to approximately £30 but I paid just over £15, (inc P&P).

The last kabuki brush I had I seem to have lost, so I purchased this, in the sale for £1.75, its real soft.. not sure about bristle loss at the minute because I have yet to try it out...

3 make up brushes - the angled foundation brush I purchased from the studio line as I wanted a good quality one, this was in the sale for £1.75, the others were reduced to 75p, bargain!

This is my favourite, retails at £6 but obviously with the sale I got mine for £3. Absolutely love this, so velvety and soft on your skin. Minimises large pores, perfect make up base and defintely keeps your make up on all day, and also reduces shine, perfect for me! Definitely will be repurchasing this!

Matifying transculent powder. First time of trying this. Not impressed with product amount. Does its job however, and packaging is nice and sleek.

Radiance blusher in the shade 'flushed'. Pretty pink however a little chalky as you can see from my swatch. Nice and compact to take on holiday however. This cost me 75p reduced from £1.50.

Nail varnish in the shade 'moonlight'. You have to be really careful with buying varnishes off ELF because the colour is not what it appears on screen. We all have our VDU's at different light quality settings, so bare this in mind when checking out colours. I'm not overly keen on this colour..

Due to all the rusty colours being in this autumn, I thought I'd buy a rusty looking nail varnish! I'm not overly keen on this, its very dull looking, and is neither matte or gloss so probably another varnish that will go to the back of my drawer.

I was a little disappointed with this product. The colour is almost skin tone and not something I would call a bronzing powder at all! It has a hint of a golden glow to it, and would be suitable for that au-natural sun kissed bare faced look in the summer, but I was hoping for something a little darker. Either way, at 75p, I really can't complain, and I'm sure I will find a use for it, as always!

Those that haven't purchased from ELF before, their products really are hit and miss. Some have been called dupes for products from MAC, but then some have had really bad reviews. But for the value, not a great deal is lost if you are sampling :-)

Have you received any parcels through the post this week?

Happy Friday! Have a fab weekend!


Thursday 15 September 2011

Septembers Glossybox: '5 Future Classics'

It's that time again! I'm on the fence with this month's box. Theres 2 products that I absolutely love and can't wait to try properly. Then the other 3 I'm a bit unsure of, I think the size of them is a little disappointing. I know GB are known to give sample sizes out, but not 3?! Ok, 2 and a bit.. the 3rd one is a sachet but there are 2 of them...
Anyway, getting onto the box before I sound like a spoilt ungrateful brat!  
Presentation of the boxes are always 100%. Boxes can be kept as storage or passed on with other peoples gifts in! (Mine are all stacked like a tower in my make up room with a pretty vase of fake roses on top!)


'Plum' by Mark Greenwell (world-renowned makeup artist).
'A Stunning classic chypre with a memorable modern twist'

Now I can't make my mind up with this perfume. I like it but I think it's more for the older woman, maybe someone in their 40's? It's a lovely classy smell, but somethings telling me I'm a little too young for it? But either way, I can't stop smelling my wrist! The smell is quite strong and I only put the tiniest bit on and I've been getting whiffs of it for the past few hours, which I like.

And now... I've saved the best till last!!

'Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care treatment'
Repairs damaged hair.
I love this because:
Its a full 200ml tube
Really nice packaging (pretty pattern appears on the tube when it catches the light)
My hair is really damaged and dry and brittle and just horrible from all the dye so it could do with an intense workout!
Aaaand, last but definitely not lease, this treatment smells DIVINE!!
Cannot wait to try this out!

Another product that I was almost on the brink of buying myself (not this exact one, but a brow kit in general). This is called 'HD Brows' in the palette 'Bombshell'. These matte colours can double up as an eyeshadow and an eyeliner, and apparently lasts a full 24hrs!

Top L-R - Nude, Carbon
Bottom L-R - Medium Blonde, Ash Blonde

Swatches, from bottom to top - Nude, Carbon, Medium Blonde, Ash Blonde.

What I love about the brow kit... the packaging, it feels expensive, looks classy yet modern, is nice and compact and isn't going to get damaged in your handbag. It also has a mirror, every girls best friend.
The colours are very pigmented and easily blendable. And, last but definitely not least, the fact that this product can double (or triple?) up as 3 different products! Talk about travelling lightly!

What are your favourite products in GB this month?

Kimia - Equisite rejuvenating facial system

'Skincare combination that works quickly and dramatically on the deeper layers of the skin to produce a velvety soft smooth texture, glowing with youthful exuberance'. There are 2 small bottles on the card if you look closely. These are to be used as part of your cleansing routine to make your skin look alive and youthful (I don't need to look any more youthful, I always get about 6 years knocked off my real age as it is... any more and people will think my boyfriend is a... well.. yeah, you know!)

Dead Sea Spa Magik
'Voted best exfoliator by You magazine'
This is a salt scrub with pure Dead sea salts, coconut oil and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate skin.

I love a good gritty body scrub but always struggle to find one thats 'gritty' enough for me, but just feeling this through the package (and the fact that its been votoed No1 exfoliator) I know I'm going to be happy with this. These 50g sachets are travel friendly too, so would be ideal for taking away with you.


Wednesday 14 September 2011

Burberry 'Body' - New Fragrance

So a few weeks ago I noticed Burberry was giving away free samples of their new perfume, 'Body'. Now if you're anything like me, you love a good sample! I've never tried any Burberry perfumes before, and (to be honest) have always associated the brand with 'chavs' with the whole chequered scarf and cap...
However, I wasn't gonna let that put me off receiving a free sample, and I'm glad it didn't!

It came through the post today and is one of those typical 2ml pump bottles that you get as samples, which I personally love because they are great for a night away somewhere, without having to carry a hefty perfume bottle with you. My samples are slowly starting to stack up now ;-)

No matter how much I smell my wrist, I'm no good at distinguishing what I think a perfume smells like, so here goes, courtesy of the Fragrance shop website...

'A luxury fruity chypre, the fragrance starts with notes of fresh green absinthe, with hints of peach and freesia. Rose absolute, iris and sandalwood are at the heart of the scent, and in the base is woody cashmeran and creamy vanilla.'

I don't know about you, but even reading the contents doesn't help!

However! I do like this perfume... it's not something I'm totally in love with, but I do like it. I'd say its a night smell (by that I mean I think its a little too strong to wear in the day, but would be good for a meal/night out). It's a sort of musky smell with a hint of sweetness to it. I'd say its quite a timeless scent but can't imagine anyone too young liking this...

The cheapest I've found it is £42.99 for 30ml, so possibly just a little above average for what I'd pay but depends what your taste is!

What's your favourite perfume of all time?

Tuesday 13 September 2011

1st ever China Glaze purchase...

So, when I came home from work today I had a nice surprise waiting for me at my front door.

I've always been into nail polishes but just recently more than ever. I've got a huge glass bowl full of varnishes, but nothing really high end except a mini OPI that came with my monthly Glossybox subscription. I've seen loads of reviews on OPI and China Glaze, and the colour and finish always looks so gorgeous that I could eat it! (ok, not quite..), however, I begrudge paying £15+ for a bottle of nail varnish, after all, money doesn't grow on tree's. So I searched ebay for some and I managed to win this bottle, No 859 'Good witch'

Upon opening it, I was a little disappointed because the colour looked a little brighter, and a little 'pinker' on the internet, but then thats the risk we all take I suppose when buying off here. Nonetheless I thought I'd give it a whirl...

This was with 2 coats of polish. Opinions? Not really impressed and nails feel so rough to touch! I know this is because of the glitter particles but I've had cheaper glitter varnishes and they are a lot smoother to feel than this! Bad first choice by me! I will purchase another by China Glaze but will make sure it is a gloss varnish with no glitter! (I think I secretly hate it more because I've just spilt some on my white duvet cover too, grrr!)

What are your favourites nail polishes?

Sunday 11 September 2011

A few weekend purchases...

So another weekend has been and gone within the blink of an eye!
I spent the whole of Saturday looking after my niece, Holly, who recently had her 1st birthday. I've only ever babysat her for a couple of hours, so yesterday was a challenge! But it was nice :-)

I also took a quick trip into Primark today and knowing my car tax is due at the end of this month, I felt like I needed to be a little careful with the bank balance, so I ended up spending a total of £3.50!

I always love looking round the accessories/jewellery section of Primark, and today I came across this little beauty...

I get bored very quickly of my make-up bags, I must have about 8 stashed away in my drawers that I never end up returning to, but just replacing them instead. The design on this is so cute and girly and reminded me of the shabby chic theme which I absolutely love (my make-up room is all shabby chic). It has a plastic/PVC exterior and a cute polka dot interior that is easily wipeable (which will definitely come in handy 'cos my make-up bags always seem to get extra grubby with concealer!). It's a really good size and could also be used as a pencil case for those going back to school or college! This cost a mere £1.50.

My next purchase was this cute gold letter necklace, also from Primark for just £2.

I love the vintage look of this, there are loads of similar necklaces on handmade jewellery sites who would charge £7-£8 for something like this, and I just refuse to pay those prices when I know I can get it in Primark for over half the price for roughly the same quality! This is surprisingly quite heavy as well, which is another thing I always look for in jewellery. Light jewellery always makes the item feel cheap, do other people agree?
The only thing I'm not too keen on is this is on a short chain. I like quite long necklaces, but I can't be too choosey for £2!

What purchases did you make this weekend?
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