Thursday 15 September 2011

Septembers Glossybox: '5 Future Classics'

It's that time again! I'm on the fence with this month's box. Theres 2 products that I absolutely love and can't wait to try properly. Then the other 3 I'm a bit unsure of, I think the size of them is a little disappointing. I know GB are known to give sample sizes out, but not 3?! Ok, 2 and a bit.. the 3rd one is a sachet but there are 2 of them...
Anyway, getting onto the box before I sound like a spoilt ungrateful brat!  
Presentation of the boxes are always 100%. Boxes can be kept as storage or passed on with other peoples gifts in! (Mine are all stacked like a tower in my make up room with a pretty vase of fake roses on top!)


'Plum' by Mark Greenwell (world-renowned makeup artist).
'A Stunning classic chypre with a memorable modern twist'

Now I can't make my mind up with this perfume. I like it but I think it's more for the older woman, maybe someone in their 40's? It's a lovely classy smell, but somethings telling me I'm a little too young for it? But either way, I can't stop smelling my wrist! The smell is quite strong and I only put the tiniest bit on and I've been getting whiffs of it for the past few hours, which I like.

And now... I've saved the best till last!!

'Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care treatment'
Repairs damaged hair.
I love this because:
Its a full 200ml tube
Really nice packaging (pretty pattern appears on the tube when it catches the light)
My hair is really damaged and dry and brittle and just horrible from all the dye so it could do with an intense workout!
Aaaand, last but definitely not lease, this treatment smells DIVINE!!
Cannot wait to try this out!

Another product that I was almost on the brink of buying myself (not this exact one, but a brow kit in general). This is called 'HD Brows' in the palette 'Bombshell'. These matte colours can double up as an eyeshadow and an eyeliner, and apparently lasts a full 24hrs!

Top L-R - Nude, Carbon
Bottom L-R - Medium Blonde, Ash Blonde

Swatches, from bottom to top - Nude, Carbon, Medium Blonde, Ash Blonde.

What I love about the brow kit... the packaging, it feels expensive, looks classy yet modern, is nice and compact and isn't going to get damaged in your handbag. It also has a mirror, every girls best friend.
The colours are very pigmented and easily blendable. And, last but definitely not least, the fact that this product can double (or triple?) up as 3 different products! Talk about travelling lightly!

What are your favourite products in GB this month?

Kimia - Equisite rejuvenating facial system

'Skincare combination that works quickly and dramatically on the deeper layers of the skin to produce a velvety soft smooth texture, glowing with youthful exuberance'. There are 2 small bottles on the card if you look closely. These are to be used as part of your cleansing routine to make your skin look alive and youthful (I don't need to look any more youthful, I always get about 6 years knocked off my real age as it is... any more and people will think my boyfriend is a... well.. yeah, you know!)

Dead Sea Spa Magik
'Voted best exfoliator by You magazine'
This is a salt scrub with pure Dead sea salts, coconut oil and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate skin.

I love a good gritty body scrub but always struggle to find one thats 'gritty' enough for me, but just feeling this through the package (and the fact that its been votoed No1 exfoliator) I know I'm going to be happy with this. These 50g sachets are travel friendly too, so would be ideal for taking away with you.


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