Friday 2 March 2018

Mother's Day Cake, by BakerDays

As the years pass by, there's more and more items that you can order from the internet to have delivered to your door, through your letterbox, so no annoying red 'sorry you were out' cards are needed (bain of my life!).

Baker Days offer a service to have cake posted through your day.... Cake! Amazing right?

They kindly sent me one in aid of Mothers Day, so I had the joys of customising my own cake. There were so many gorgeous designs and colours to choose from, with the option of having a photograph on the icing too. I couldn't find a good enough photo of both me and my mum so I opted for a bright floral design as I felt that fitted perfectly with the theme of Mothers Day. After about half an hour of deciding which design to go for, I finally settled on the vintage Mother's Day cake. The next step was to personalise it with writing. Again, I'm not one for soppy words so I kept this nice and simple, but you can be as extravagant as you want with this, just have a play around on their website.

The cake arrived in a circular tin (which is perfect for keeping afterwards for storage!). The only negative I have about this is I didn't feel the colours of my tin fitted very well with the theming of Mothers Day, because of how harsh they were in comparison to my pretty floral coloured cake.

The cake itself isn't that thick (it does have to fit through the letterbox after all!) but its the perfect size to have with a cup of tea on Mothers Day. The cake serves approximately 4 people (if you was to all get a good-sized portion!). However if you prefer a larger size, there are others to pick from (however this might effect the 'letterbox' cake!). The cake was placed in a sealed air-tight bag inside the tin to maintain freshness, which I felt it did perfectly. There are various flavours to choose from, from traditional sponge, to red velvet and lemon drizzle etc. There are also options for those intolerant to gluten and dairy.
The cake itself is light and fluffy, with buttercream at the bottom of the cake to add moisture. In the package also came a few balloons, a party blower and 2 candles to make it extra special.

Bakerday cakes offer next day delivery if ordered before 2pm. This is perfect for all you late-shoppers, and whats even better is if you don't want to mess around with wrapping, just get it delivered to your mums house, a hassle-free gift!

Bakerdays creates cakes for all occasions, from birthday, to christenings, to good luck and halloween cakes, to 'just because' cakes that involve humour and emoji's, the list really is endless. They even do personalised cupcakes which look super cute too! They've even branched out and now do personalised balloons.. I'm looking for some wedding balloons for our venue so these might be on my list!

So if you're still stuck for ideas on what to get your mum, or maybe for another occasion that's upcoming in your diary, bakerdays are perfect for that person who has a sweet tooth!

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