Monday 27 April 2015

How much does my face cost?

So I've seen this tag doing the rounds and if I'm honest, I was lacking inspiration so thought I'd give it a go because its not often I touch on beauty anymore.

My love for beauty has definitely decreased over the past year and my interests have heightened in other areas such as home decor and lifestyle. I never go on big beauty spending sprees anymore and my purchases are more on a 'need' basis rather than a 'I would like...!'. I only ever buy make up now if my previous item is coming to an end,  so I'm definitely more savvy with my money!

Here are my items that I wear on a typical day.  Its pretty basic and definitely on the more affordable side than others!

Rimmel 25hr lasting wear foundation (£7.99) - I've been using this for so long. Its the perfect coverage for me, its long lasting and its affordable - Ive tried more higher end brands since I first begun using this but I always go back to this because it ticka pretty much every box for me.

Collection Concealer (£4.19) - I used to use this purely for blemishes but my skin has finally lost its teenage look (thank god, it took its time!). Instead I've been using this as an under eye concealer, I find that it really brightens my eyes and always makes my face look 'complete'. Ive been using this for years, the consistency and creaminess is perfect and is very affordable.

The Balm 'How 'bout them Apples' (£20 for full palette) I received this from a beauty subscription box but it took me a while before I began using it because I tend to chop and change between bronzer and blusher for my cheeks, depending on my mood however this is definitely my go-to bluzher now! I love the creaminess of this, not to mention the cute kitsch packaging!

Rimmel Wonderfull mascara (£7.99). I don't really have a favourite when it comes to mascaras, although I always tend to lean towards rimmel because I've neved been let down with their new releases. Im currently using this 'Wonderfull' mascara which gives both length and volume.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (£6). I've been obsessed with this tinted shea butter lip balm. I used it for a while when I first got it but then forgot about it (it was probably lying at the bottom of one of my many handbags!). I rediscovered it about 2 months ago and now it goes everywhere with me. I suffer with sore lips and this definitely eases them whilst adding a tint of colour at the same time.

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder (£3.99) - this isn't my most favourite powder (im still yet to find it!) but its what im currently using. I use this to take away any shine that sometimes appears throughout the day.

Kohl Eyeliner - I'm gutted because the writing on this has rubbed off so I have no idea which brand this is from.  I know i received it from a beauty subscription box but I've tried to track it down with no such luck so I'm gonna estimate this at £8.

Total face price - £58.16 (for full size items only)

What is your face value?
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