Monday 28 May 2012

May's Glossybox - First Birthday!

I'm proud to say I've been subscribed to GB for one whole year. It's gone so fast, and I remember how excited I was to receive my very first box! I can contain my excitement a little bit more now, but still wait in anticipation every single month. For those that have followed GB, or peoples views on GB over the year, you'll know we've had some brilliant boxes, and not so brilliant, but its true what people say.. it's impossible to please such a massive amount of people all the time.
I can only remember twice over the year were I was pretty disappointed with my box. One being when we all received a sample size of batiste. I think everyone and his dog had a moan about that. The 2nd time was when I received the very same product that I had received a few months previous. The fact that this was body lotion and I hadn't even touched the first one, to then receive the exact same product, its kinda predictable how I felt!

Anyway... on to this months box. I'm not gonna go into a massive amount of detail because you would have seen a handful of these posts by now as I'm a little late posting this. But all I want to say was it was packaged in pretty vintage style paper and had a few small extras. I was very happy with what I received (although I still need to do some searching as I'm clueless as to what one of my products is used for!).

Contents - Lolita perfume (both of these smell divine!) shame the sample wasn't even full!
Noble Isle bath and shower gel. This is another spicey/herbal-y smelling shower gel. I'm more of a sweet kinda gal when it comes to shower gels but I'll still use this. Good sized bottle for a long weekend away (75ml).
Weleda 'Iris' - this is the item I am completely baffled with. On my card it states face cream/body milk, but
there are 3 different products you could get in this range and my product looks like none of the photos. All the
instructions are in every language except English. Mega confused! So if someone else received this product,
please enlighten me as to what it is!
Uniqone - All in one hair treatment. This leave in hair mask gives you a massive 10 benefits from shine and
frizz control to detangling to adding body and a number of other things. Looking forward to trying this out.
'Lets Go' fake eyelashes, 'heartbreaker' style. On the photo these look kinda spidery, but IRL they are pretty full and exactly how I like them. I have seen some that others have received and lets just say I'm glad I received
what I did :-)
We also got a free GB compact double sided mirror. I have loads of compact mirrors but I'm sure I'll get use
out of it at some point! Oh, lets not forget the pink GB balloon too to celebrate their birthday in style!

My travel products box is now spilling over which means one thing... I need to book another getaway!


Friday 25 May 2012

Interior Design - Table decor/centre piece

I've been in my house almost one year now and everything is almost finally done and how I like it (although I am starting to get bored of my bedroom now as that was one of the first rooms to be done, I'm almost ready for a change.. is this a girl thing?!).

Anyhow, for those of you that know, I have a conservatory, and have been itching to get in it in like, forever.
Over the months, it slowly became a room that housed the clothes horse, dining table and my cross-trainer. Yes, a concoction to say the least.

I bought a dining table around Christmas time with the intention of sitting at it every night with our tea because I didn't like the idea of sitting with it on our laps infront of the TV in the living room, stinking the place out. Buuut, (yes, there's always a but!) for those of you that have conservatories, you'll know they get preeeetty cold in the winter, and I mean cold. We do have a radiator in here, and air-con for that matter (although we haven't really used that) but it still didn't do a great deal, so the conservatory became like our enemy over the winter.

It was only last weekend that because I had a group of friends round for my birthday, did I actually set the conservatory up to make it look a little more respectable. I had been buying items for it for months, but was waiting for a sofa before I set up shop! But alas, I couldn't wait any longer.

In the meantime (jeez, this is turning out to be one hell of a story!) I had been searching for interesting table decorations as I knew our dining table would be the main feature of the room. And this is what I come up with.....

This is a really inexpensive but eyecatching item to have on your dining table and really simple and fun to make!
I used 2 square narrow vases (they were 99p from Morrisons!). I then bought a range of beads in different colours and sizes (depending on your colour scheme, also enquire to make sure they sink!). I then found a large tub of blue flat gem style glass beads from Dunelm Mill for £1.99. Gave all these a good shake. I then bought a cheap bunch of faux lilac flowers, pulled 2 heads off and dunked them in amongst the beads. I then added water and finished with a lilac floating candle. And wallah!

Have you got any fun interior design ideas you'd like to share? I'm always on the look out for my next creative project!


Sunday 20 May 2012

Birthday, London & Musicals!

Blogging has took a bit of a backseat in my life just recently, and I apologise for that... life has been way too busy and when I have had a spare moment, all I've wanted to do is sleep!

We spent last weekend in London, mostly as a birthday present, and I was majorly spoilt, I didn't dip my hand in my purse once (if only every day could be like that). We were only there 2.5 days (to be exact!) so we felt rushed to fit in a much as possible. We did however manage the London Dungeons (proper tourist, I know!), The Science Museum (I thought it was only fair to let my boyfriend do at least one enjoyable thing!), and the full stretch of Oxford Street. (Although I found the latter rather stressful!). We went to see Matilda (the musical) too which was fab, I definitely want to go back and see another musical there again. We got a tiny bit of sightseeing done but not tonnes. I had a lovely time but you really need at least a week there to get everything in, theres so much to see!

London Footage

It was my actual birthday on Wednesday where we drove to a nearby quaint village and spent a few hours mulling round the boutique shops, then came home for lunch in a cafe, did more shopping (I haven't shopped this much in a long time!) then finishing the night with an Indian at my favourite restaurant.
Last night I had 6 girlfriend round for a night of drinks chats and music, so that was nice.

I haven't made many beauty purchases of late, they are more fashion orientated but I will save them for another day.
I have also been working on my conservatory and its slowly coming together now, so more interior design posts coming soon!


Monday 7 May 2012

Interior Design - Perfume Collection

For those of you that are regular readers, you'll know I'm a sucker for shabby chic. For those that don't, go check out my dressing room.

I've been looking for a perfume stand for a long time now. I was originally looking at the mirrored perfume trays on ebay, but I happened to be looking around a charity shop and spotted this little beauty for £6.

I love the glass on glass appearance it gives, and the fact the perfume bottles reflect in the mirror, think it makes them all look extra pretty, especially when the sun catches them.

I'm always thinking outside the box when it comes to storage (I think my obsession with Pinterest doesn't help!), so this is the second cake stand I've bought and used it for something else.

I'm currently in the process of collecting things for my conservatory. In fact I've been collecting them for the past few months now. It's my birthday next week and I aim to have everything complete by then as I'm having my girlfriends round, so keep your eyes peeled for some more interior design posts!

Hope everyone's enjoying this extra long weekend! I've had a quiet one because on Friday we leave for London for 3 days so I'm saving all my pennies for that! I canne wait! I've only ever been to London once so I'm like a proper tourist! Any recommendations on anything then please throw my way, I'm kinda getting bored of researching everything now!

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