Sunday 4 November 2012

A Las Vegas Wedding... (with photos!)

I thought I better do this now as I've been back from Vegas a few weeks and if I leave it any longer it will feel a little 'out of date'.

My brother and my (now) sister-in-law (who has also been my friend for many years.. thats how they met) got married on Oct 2nd 2012 at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

When I told people I was going to Vegas for a wedding, I think a lot of them immediately thought a cheap and tacky elvis style chapel. It was far from it.

Caesars Palace is a beautiful hotel in itself.

Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of the hotel itself, but as you can imagine, like many hotels in Vegas, Caesars was extremely grand in its decor. I think it is one of the more expensive hotels on the strip, and although we weren't staying there (our accommodation was at the MGM) I was luckily enough to see one of the honeymoon suites (my brother had a room booked just for 1 night). What was even more luckier - the hotel had doubled booked so they bagged themselves a free upgrade. The room was amazing, to say the least. I didn't get any photos of this either but think jacuzzi bath, double shower, own little hallway with glamourous mirrors, with a view of the bellagio fountains. In my opinion that has got to be the best view on the strip, especially at night. I could have watched the fountains dancing all night, but unfortunately, like any holiday, we had things to do and places to go!

The wedding itself was a small little celebration of approx 22 people, although the bride still managed to get nervous! It was set in a quaint little garden type behind the hotel, complete with cute white stone benches for the guests, and a marble platform for the bride and groom to stand on. With greenery and palm tree's overhead, and soft romantic music in the background, you really did feel a million miles away from thue hustle and bustle of the strip.

Mother of the bride and bride & grooms daughter (my niece)

This was the beginning of the walkway up to the guests. The archway you can see in the foreground was what I like to call a 'secret' room. Both myself, the bride and her dad prepped in here and waited till the guests were ready.

Sister-in-laws family

My dad, bride & groom, me and the OH

This was taken in the archway that I mentioned earlier. I accidentally cropped a few people out of this photo, sorry Mike!

We finished the day in style, by jumping into a hummer limo and travelling down to the famous Las vegas sign where we had yet more photos. The hummer was one of my favourite (yet quickest) parts. The vows had been exchanged, everyone had relaxed, and all 22 of us were in a limo, riding down the strip in style,  sun still beaming and music pumping out. Its gotta be done..we were in Vegas after all!

My 2yr old niece posing whilst rocking to the music!

V for Vegas! Can you spot me?!

Me and the OH

We then finished the day off with a meal at a gorgeous Italian restaurant called Maggiano's. The food really was a dream.
The day was a lot more laid back than what we're used to but nonetheless still very special. After the meal a lot of them went to a rooftop nightclub that celebrities are known to be seen. Obviously being out on the roof, you can only imagine the view of the strip below. Unfortunately I missed this as Mike had to leave half way through the meal due to feeling ill, so I was the good gf and left a bit later to tend to him!
Would you ever consider a wedding abroad?


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  1. It looks like it was a really nice wedding :) If I ever get married I want to do it abroad, I'm thinking somewhere like Bali or Thailand. I'd like a nice relaxed beachy wedding :)


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