Tuesday 27 September 2011

Las Vegas: And the countdown begins...

So the title says it all really... exactly 1 year today and I'll be in Las Vegas! My older brother is getting married over there and I'm being bridesmaid, and I really can't wait!
I'm doing a post about it to mark a few things really...
A year to:
*Knuckle down on this 'diet' that never seems to happen. I want to be comfortable in my bridesmaids dress and in a bikini. Feeling self conscious on holiday is the worst thing ever so I am determined to lose at least 2 stone. Keeping it up for a year seems a hell of a long time, but also its a lot of time to do things gradual, which with me, might be the best way (I have an extra extra sweet tooth! ;-)
*Knuckle down on the saving. I haven't really saved anything yet. I'm going to increase my savings by £100 a month, so that should give me a nice amount by next year. I'm also asking for dollars for christmas and my birthday next year which will go towards my spending.
*Research! Me and the boyfriend have decided to start trying for a family next year after the holiday, so this will be the last 'big one' before any serious commitements, so I want to make the most of it and make sure I do everything I want to do. My boyfriend really wants to do the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon but I'm still debating that one. Either way, there seems to be so much to do over there, (not to mention all the shops, I'm gonna be in heaven!) so I'm going to spend some serious time researching to make sure it's perfect!

Expect the odd blog from now until then, because I'm sure as the months pass by, my excitement will only rise, and I'll need someone to share it with! (I've already bored my boyfriend to tears!)

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?



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