Sunday 11 September 2011

A few weekend purchases...

So another weekend has been and gone within the blink of an eye!
I spent the whole of Saturday looking after my niece, Holly, who recently had her 1st birthday. I've only ever babysat her for a couple of hours, so yesterday was a challenge! But it was nice :-)

I also took a quick trip into Primark today and knowing my car tax is due at the end of this month, I felt like I needed to be a little careful with the bank balance, so I ended up spending a total of £3.50!

I always love looking round the accessories/jewellery section of Primark, and today I came across this little beauty...

I get bored very quickly of my make-up bags, I must have about 8 stashed away in my drawers that I never end up returning to, but just replacing them instead. The design on this is so cute and girly and reminded me of the shabby chic theme which I absolutely love (my make-up room is all shabby chic). It has a plastic/PVC exterior and a cute polka dot interior that is easily wipeable (which will definitely come in handy 'cos my make-up bags always seem to get extra grubby with concealer!). It's a really good size and could also be used as a pencil case for those going back to school or college! This cost a mere £1.50.

My next purchase was this cute gold letter necklace, also from Primark for just £2.

I love the vintage look of this, there are loads of similar necklaces on handmade jewellery sites who would charge £7-£8 for something like this, and I just refuse to pay those prices when I know I can get it in Primark for over half the price for roughly the same quality! This is surprisingly quite heavy as well, which is another thing I always look for in jewellery. Light jewellery always makes the item feel cheap, do other people agree?
The only thing I'm not too keen on is this is on a short chain. I like quite long necklaces, but I can't be too choosey for £2!

What purchases did you make this weekend?


  1. I love shabby chic too cute buys x

  2. I can't see why any girl wouldn't love it! hehe Thanks :-) x

  3. That is such a nice make up bag! I know what you mean about your make up bags getting dirty, so annoying! Your blog is so pretty :) xxxx


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