Tuesday 13 September 2011

1st ever China Glaze purchase...

So, when I came home from work today I had a nice surprise waiting for me at my front door.

I've always been into nail polishes but just recently more than ever. I've got a huge glass bowl full of varnishes, but nothing really high end except a mini OPI that came with my monthly Glossybox subscription. I've seen loads of reviews on OPI and China Glaze, and the colour and finish always looks so gorgeous that I could eat it! (ok, not quite..), however, I begrudge paying £15+ for a bottle of nail varnish, after all, money doesn't grow on tree's. So I searched ebay for some and I managed to win this bottle, No 859 'Good witch'

Upon opening it, I was a little disappointed because the colour looked a little brighter, and a little 'pinker' on the internet, but then thats the risk we all take I suppose when buying off here. Nonetheless I thought I'd give it a whirl...

This was with 2 coats of polish. Opinions? Not really impressed and nails feel so rough to touch! I know this is because of the glitter particles but I've had cheaper glitter varnishes and they are a lot smoother to feel than this! Bad first choice by me! I will purchase another by China Glaze but will make sure it is a gloss varnish with no glitter! (I think I secretly hate it more because I've just spilt some on my white duvet cover too, grrr!)

What are your favourites nail polishes?


  1. I love Barry M they have nice colors and are cheap. I might ask for an opi, nails inc or china glaze polish for crimbo x

  2. Aww I love BarryM too, I've got loads of their varnishes.
    Good idea about putting it on your xmas list though, might just do that myself! ;-)


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