Thursday 28 February 2013

Pancake Happy!

I know this might be a little bit belated, but you'll understand once you begin reading :-)

I've never really been big on Pancake Day, mainly because I was never fond of them as a child, however the last few years I've grown to like them, and ever since moving into my own place, I've wanted to celebrate all the 'smaller' events such as Pancake day.. and this year was no exception..

When I spotted a competition run by asking for creative pancake photos, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to.. er... go a bit wacky. And before you ask, no I haven't got children.. Although I wish I did (just for this one night!) because I'm sure they would have had a lot of fun eating this!

This was my 2nd attempt (I originally did a spider with Cadburys chocolate fingers as legs eating a stack of pancakes, but a few days later created this one, which I much prefer!). It was quite time consuming but I'm fairly pleased with the end result!

Underwater Pancakes!

The sea creatures 'bodies' are all pancakes, the 'extras' are all sweets that came from a big bag of pik'n'mix that I carefully selected in order to help me achieve this look, (however a lot of the sweets didn't make it on this plate, but instead went in my mouth prior to the making of this pancake scene.. its a good job the plate wasn't big enough!)

To recreate this scene you will need:

Pancake Mix
150g Flour
2 Eggs
1/4pint milk
(Plus a little oil for frying)

Strawberry laces (these will create Octopus Tenticles and sea creatures mouths)
A handful of Smarties
Green jelly sweets to create leaves for sea plants (I was hoping to get green laces for seaweed but couldn't find any :-(
Chocolate chips to give the shark a more dark and dangerous colour!
Some gummy teeth
A few drops of blue food colouring to create an underwater effect (I used a basting brush to 'paint' the plate)
A sprinkle of blue cake sugar for added water effects.

Did you make anything creative for pancake day? Join in with the competition if you did!


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