Sunday 16 October 2011

October Bargains..

I've been lucky enough to pick up quite a few bargains over the past 2 weeks so thought I'd share them with you...

Clockwise - Gliss Shine Spray, BOGOF (£1.99). Loreal tanning lotion - £2.99 (never tried this one
before but always up for new testing! W7 Nail Polishs in Spearmint & Sheer Pink. BB Samples that I was sent from Garnier. The well spoken about MUA Heaven & Earth Palette (I know for sure you wont need swatches on this!) MUA Quad (bought this because I thought it would be ideal for travelling).

Clean and Clear Goodies! (These are all on offer at the minute in Asda). From L-R Shine Control Daily
Scrub, deep cleansing lotion, deep action cream wash, dual action moisturiser. T Zone Tea Tree facial

Swatches (clockwise) from the MUA quad.

I've decided to switch my skincare routine round a little because I suffer with quite problematic
oily skin. I have used a few of these products before, but not altogether. They are all oil-free, so hopefully
combining them and sticking to a strict daily routine I will see some improvement. Does anyone else use
these products? Do you get good results?

From L - This photo doesn't do this top justice. It is the sofest long sleeved top I have ever felt! It's gorgeous burgendy colour with a laddered type effect on it, so something definitely needs to be worn underneath - £10, Select. Rusty brown jeans - Matalan - £15. Long sleeved A-Line style dress with a quirky star print. Perfect with leggings and boots! - Matalan, £7 in the sale!
Navy and red 3 quarter sleeve top with lace effect neck panel. George at Asda - £14.
Gold distressed metallic peep toe flat shoes - £5. (You're probably thinking why on earth have you bought these - it's almost winter! But! I'm going to Las Vegas next year so I'm thinking ahead, and really couldn't turn down this offer! ;-)

A part of me thinks these looks a bit granny-ish, but then another part of me loves the chunky knit design! I've been looking for a 'sturdy' pair of slippers for a few weeks now. The shops are loaded with gorgeous slippers but the soles are so flimsy (I know, I own about 4 pairs of them!). Whereas these have a good sturdy rubber sole, so thought they'd last at least the winter!

Another thing that I've been loving the past week is this lovely chunky knit poncho! I wasn't too sure on poncho's for a while, but I tried this one on in Tesco and fell in love with it. It's shorter at the front and longer at the back, and has a lovely snuggly neck as you can probably tell in the photo. The only annoying thing with this is it likes to leave a trail of fluff on all my clothes, so I've been using my Lindt Roller like there's no tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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