Wednesday 9 November 2011

Dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection?

I've always been a nail-varnish wearer for as long as I can remember. However the last few months I've become even more obsessed with nail varnish and all things nail art, and have been trying out a fair few designs.

When I read Danielle's blog on a recent nail art design she featured that included some cute little fimo bows from Bodycare, it was something that I definitely intended on checking out next time I was shopping.
Fast forward 24hrs and I'm in Bodycare browsing the nail section - I find the fimo nail arts (however not the design she used, but nonetheless, I ended up with some cute heart designs instead). I also quickly scanned my eyes across the nail polish shelf and my eyes landed on this little beauty by Technic, which instantly reminded me of OPI's rainbow collection which is part of their newest range, the muppet collection. This seems to be a mega popular varnish with nail addicts at the moment, and I heard that they've already sold out.

I really want all of the latest collection (c'mon, how could you refuse such pretty colours?!) but for now I think I'm quite happy with this for a snippet (and a very large snippet!) of the price at a bargain £1.25 (I'm sure my bank will love me that little bit more with it being so close to Christmas too!)

Left - Technic 'Carnival'. Right - OPI 'Rainbow Connection'

Left: Technic 'Carnival' Right - OPI 'Rainbow Collection'

My photo isn't the best (I really need a better focused camera!) but they both seem to have the same coloured glitter in them. The only difference is the OPI one appears to have various sizes of glitter 'chunks' whereas the Technic one appears to have 2 sizes. I did 3 coats to achieve the above look. I think 1/2 more would create a better effect. I was really impressed with the drying speed as well.

Fantastic for those upcoming Christmas parties!

What do you think? Would you try this in replace of OPI?



  1. :] I'm glad you like my nails and OMG that dupe is amazing i'm going to have to check it out I hope my bodycare sells it. XXX

  2. that is a goood dupe, wear can I buy technic? xxxx

  3. If I remember rightly I tend to see Technic cosmetics in cheaper drugstores such as Bodycare/Savers, or any cheap market stall should sell them.

  4. I do like the OPI better but the Technic definitely isn't bad, especially if it's loads cheaper. Either way I actually love them both, must look for one of them!x

  5. Wow that's so similar!! Definitely a better price too!! I loveee glitter polishes! x

  6. I've seen this in Bodycare and always ignored it. Technic looks so rubbish. But this looks amazing. I'm going to pick it up and layer it over a teal nail!

  7. Both of these nail polishes are amazing! The dupe looks just as good as the OPI nailvarnish - great job! This is definitely going to have to go on my christmas list :) xx


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