Monday 2 January 2012


First blog of 2012, what better way to start it than my last made up face of 2011!
This is the look I sported for NYE, not the best close up shot for detail but the closest one I had! Also excuse the stray hair on my face, that soon disappeared!

Face - Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Desert Beige 2N
Cheeks - Sleek Contour for a bronze glow
Highlight on cheek & brow bone - Benefit High Beam
Eyebrows - HD Brow Kit in Carbon
Eyelashes - Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara, and Revlon eyelashes for added volume
Eyeliner - Rimmel Black Kohl Pencil
Eyelids (although you can't see them!) I had a gorgeous turquoise glitter pigment (matched my dress!) blended in with Urban Decay 'Twice Baked' and 'Perversion'
Lips - Rimmel in shade 03  (Kate Moss collection)

We had a nice night beginning in our favourite Indian restaurant (which finished with a free tipple on the house and a free pen, bonus!). We then went to a couple of pubs for a few more drinks. We were home for 11pm, (I didn't fancy the taxi queue after midnight!). It was also nice that we weren't suffering the next day. Usually if my boyfriend has too much to drink he is bed bound the next day being sick, so it was good that we didn't welcome 2012 in the wrong way! New Year's Day is also our anniversary (4 years yesterday!). We don't celebrate it though, I think it's a bit silly those who get each other anniversary cards when they're not married, it takes the special-ness of it away once you are actually married. Instead we just spent quality time together (instead of him on the PS and me on my laptop!).

Hope you all had a great time and wasn't too fragile yesterday!

Back to work tomorrow... *sigh*


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