Wednesday 7 March 2012

All you London pro's!

My boyfriend has surprised me with a weekend away to the West End in London to see a show. If any of you don't know, I live about 3-4hrs drive from London so I'm not a regular visitor there unfortunately. In fact I've only ever toured the city once before, and that was 3 years ago when we went to see Take That. There was so much that I wanted to do and see so we crammed as much as we could into the 3 days, but now I'm getting another chance to fill in the parts we missed out, I'm so excited and this is were I need you!

I'm not going till May, so I have a fair few weeks to plan, but because I found last time you spend half your time jumping on and off tubes, I want a little itinery going..

We're going just before my birthday, so hopefully the cash will be flowing nicely, so I want somewhere good to shop. I'm not talking mega expensive designer boutiques were all my money will go in one item kinda thing... I'm talking a good array of affordable high street shops. I also wouldn't mind sampling a good ol' market or two... I've heard good things about Camden market?

I need ideas on things I definitely need to see or do too. The only thing on my list so far is the Dungeons which I'm too excited about! I noticed London is laden with museums.. I can hack museums up to a certain extent, I tend to get a little impatient if they're not interactive (or don't include a ride!) and stand there wondering what I could be doing with my time whilst my boyfriend spends a lifetime looking at each and every individual thing. Yawn. In fact we did the Natural History Museum last time, and it did look pretty good, however my feet were torn to shreds with blisters from some silly shoes I purchased (and no, not heels!) so I had to sit on a bench for the majority of the time whilst he went round alone!

Unique places to eat... I get excited about eating somewhere different, but I'm looking for something unusual about a restaurant (affordable one at that) I've always wanted to go to one of those restaurants with the interactive menu's inside the tables! The only place I remember eating on our last visit was Giraffe which overlooked the Thames. The restaurant itself was pretty average but the Thames aspect of it added that little bit of excitement and luxury for me (you can tell I'm a tourist, haha).

I'm actually staying in the Earls Court area, so any recommendations on anything round that area would be grand!

So if any of you could recommend shopping areas, markets, things to do/see, and unusual restaurants that are all in an affordable price range then that would be great!

Hope everyone's having a good week! My days off work start today. I'm going for lunch soon with an old friend I haven't seen in months, so lots of gossip to catch up on, always good!



  1. For shopping areas Westfield shepherds bush is the nearest shopping type centre, if you look online you can see all the shops listed! Camden's good, but can be quite expensive, nice to soak up the atmosphere and everything though as it's a bit different! There's also Brick Lane/Shoreditch (Aldgate East station) area if you're into 'vintage' markets :) Hope you have a lovely timee xx

  2. Camden market is great for alternative pop cultury kinda stuff. Covent Garden is also great and theres loads of shops too and street entertainers (sensible shoes needed - beware the cobbles)Borough Market is also great for foodie stuff and from there you can have a lovely meander down the Southbank which is always worthwhile.

    I just saw this go by the other day on "I know this Great Little place in London" - never been though so I don't know if it's any good.

    Don't forget to get your Oyster Card sorted out too if you dont already have one!


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