Saturday 28 April 2012

April's GlossyBox - 'Natural Beauty'

I had been eagerly awaiting this month's box as there seemed to be a massive gap (or what felt like one!) since the last one.
I had no idea what to expect this month, I haven't read (or seen, for that matter) a single thing so everything was a complete surprise (best way!)

The first thing I noticed was the outer box - it was just a plain cardboard box, no GB logo's, no colour, nothing. This made me think it was something else arriving in the post. When opening the box I soon realised why.. its all about the natural/organic products this month.

I'm kinda glad that this is a limited edition box regarding the packaging because I wasn't too keen. I was enjoying getting a nice stack of pale pink boxes in my dressing room to match everything else, then this comes along and ruins it all, how dare they?! But no, on a serious note, to match this months theme, perfect. But if it was a regular occurence then this would be far too bland. But anyway, less talk on the packaging and more on the products!

Contents of box:

Burt's Bees naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion
Caudalie SOS thirst quencing serum
Figs & Rouge lip balm (for lips and skin)
Monu moisture rich collagen cream
Inika organic eyeliner

I don't really anaylse the contents and conjure up some in depth opinions like I used to. Whether it's because I've been subscribed for a year now and the 'new-ness' of it all has worn of, but I kinda accept what I get given and don't really give it a second thought, but for the sake of this blog, I will ;-)

There's quite a few skin care products in this edition. I hate receiving products that you'd need to continue using in order to gain the desired effect, i.e. purchase a full size bottle. I received a few in the past and sometimes feel its a little waste of time because the trial size is never big enough to achieve the desired effect (i.e. cellulite cream), so how are we supposed to know if it does what it says on the tin before splashing the cash on a full sized one? I know the whole idea of GB is to try/sample higher end things but sometimes it lures you into feeling like you *have* to buy full size. Am I making any sense? No? Thought so.

I do have loads of lip balms but its something I use regularly so in my eyes you can never have too many. Also, with such a cute compact tin, who would frown on this little beauty? Even if I'm not a fan of rose scented lip balms!

I was pretty excited with the eyeliner, the packaging looked pretty swish so I was expecting a similar swish product inside. Was kinda dissapointed that it was your average kohl pencil (pretty make-up products always look so much better in your collection right?) Nonetheless, this is a lovely creamy pencil and is great for smudging too. Mine came in the colour '07 Graphite' which is a lovely smokey grey/black with a tint of silver in, perfect for a smokey eye. It reminds me of an Eyeko eyeliner that we got sent a box or two ago...

I was pleased to see a Burt's Bees product in there. I've never actually owned anything by this brand, and although its a body lotion and we all have tonnes of that stuff, I will get use out of it at some point.

The thirst quenching serum for your skin - I've never really heard of this idea before. You apply it before your moisturiser (I thought it would be in replace of your moisturiser). My skin can often feel dry, however, I think I might save this for Vegas, because I'm guessing with the sun I might need it!


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