Thursday 2 August 2012

Week 3 - Weightwatchers Weigh In!

I think this has been the worst week since beginning WW. Although my motivation hasn't gone completely out the window, I had quite a few occasions were I did not feel one bit guilty about buying naughty foods. I've stuck to my daily/weekly points, probably using up almost all my weekly points too (which is a first). Over the week I treat myself to those GU fancy puddings in those glass jars.. they were on offer which was even more tempting. They came in at 8 points, but again, this was still within my daily allowance.
Yesterday at work it's got into a little bit of a ritual to stop off at Morrisons on our lunch break. I needed a birthday card for my dad so went in and there were packets of wine gums and midget gems on offer. I love a pack of wine gums occasionally, and yesterday was one of those days. I picked the pack up not even caring. I got half way through the pack (I'm talking bag, not tube!) then gave my work colleague a large handful because I started to worry about the points. After that there were roughly 7 wine gums left. I went on WW E-source and they came in at 17 points for the whole bag. Yikes! And I hadn't even had my tea yet! So the remainder I gave to another colleague before I ate them!

Today I was a little rushed when leaving work so never made dinner. Popped to Asda at dinner and got a healthy noodle chicken dinner, then craved chocolate so picked up a Yorkie bar at the tills. Tut tut. I haven't even calculated the points yet but the Yorkie bar is long gone.

Exercise wise it hasn't been great - I've done approx 2 hours of dancing on the wii over the week, which isn't a lot.

So tonights weigh in, after last week's blip with the new leader and her scales, I was a bit nervous. 3 people infront of me all put weight on. I noticed the leaders concern and confusion. I got on and had lost half a pound. However! I forgot to take my work ID badge off that was round my neck, which also carries a few keys, so thats fairly heavy, so I'm thinking if it wasn't for that it would have been at least a 1 lb loss. Well, I'm hoping anyway!

I'm away this weekend, so I'm gonna find it real hard to stay on track, but I'll try my best. Either that or I'll be doing heaps of exercise come next week!

Week 1 - 2.5lb loss
Week 2 - 2lb loss
Week 3 - 0.5lb loss

Total weight loss - 5lb

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