Monday 3 September 2012

Hen Party OOTN!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I spent it on my future sister-in-law's long awaited hen party. We spent the majority of the day at the races, followed by a session from James Morrison. We then jumped back on our hired mini bus back into our home town for a night of dancing!

I unfortunately didn't get many good quality shots, mainly because 1) my lift came mega early which I wasn't prepared for! and 2) For some strange reason I thought I'd bring my camcorder to take photos on. Bad idea. The quality is normally pretty good but it wasn't playing ball that night so instead I've had to steal someone elses photo to show you!

Unfortunately there were a few girls missing from this shot (we all kept getting lost!) but there I am, braving both my arms and legs (which is a very rare sight!).

For a more detailed low-down on the outfit and make-up, I did manage to find time to film an OOTD for you!


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