Sunday 1 September 2013

Lifestyle - Instagram it! August Week 4

Wow, we are now in September, which makes me feel a little sad because it feels like summer is officially over. However it's not till all the Autumn/Winter clothes begin rearing their little heads in the shops, and the fire is beginning to get turned on that I realize that, in fact I do quite like Autumn too, and the excitement with the run up to Christmas.

Anyhow, I shall share with you my last week of August. I have somehow got my days mixed up and I seem to have more photos than days in August, but never mind.. here is my last week in picture.

 Top left - eBay time! A pile of clothes that are in need of a good home!
Top right - Had a really lethargic non-productive day last Sunday due to a darn headache that stuck with me for a good 20hrs :-|
Bottom left - Bank Holiday Monday. Day trip to Kinema in the Woods, in Woodhall Spa.
Bottom right - My friends tasty looking pudding at our latest catch up.
 Top left - A trip to the shop to buy some running gear (and yes, this was the highlight of my day because if you knew me you'd know I never exercise, and haven't ran in a good 4+yrs!)
Top right - Nail art! I've missed you!
Bottom left - Jimmy Carr live! Wasn't a huge fan of him up until a few months ago, and now I love him!
Bottom right - Yet another meal out! I think I love eating out a little too much!

I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed doing it.
I am thinking about doing this again sometime, probably in October as I've got quite a few events planned for that month too.

Let me know if you enjoyed!


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