Sunday 22 December 2013

My Fave Festive Four: Nail Polishes

I thought I'd do a post on my favourite festive red nail polishes.

I remember a few years ago I only used to stick to bright red polish for nights out, but now I tend to use it more casually, and love to have bright red nails.

These are my top 4 favourite red nail polishes to wear around the festive season. They range from £1.99 to £14.

From L-R:

Seche 'Scorchin' Hot'
Barry M - '150 Red Glitter'
Collection2000 - 'Starlet'
Deborah Lipmann 'Ruby Red Slippers'

From L-R - Lipmann's 'Ruby Red Slippers', Collection2000 'Starlet', BarryM's 'Red Glitter, Seche's 'Scorchin' Hot'
Ignore my non-filed nails! (Its not until you take up close up that you realize how bad it is!)

Seche's 'Scorchin Hot' - I absolutely love how paintbox red this is with a high shine. I've only recently begun using Seche nail polishes and I love them.

Barry M's 'Red Glitter' - I'm a huge Barry M fan, the majority of my collection is from this brand, so there's no surprise that one made it in my top 4. This is a relatively new purchase and I love the effect it gives - once applied, it almost looks like a gel nail, although when dried it has a more matte appearance. I like to put Seche's top coat over this to gloss it back up, but definitely a must for the festive season.

Collection2000 'Starlet' - I've had this for probably about a year, if not longer. Its the cheapest out the bunch but I love it. It has an almost iridescent appearance to it, with a very slight shimmer that sits just under the polish. Top marks for the wide brush too! 2 strokes and I'm done!

Deborah Lipmann's 'Ruby Red Slippers' - I received this in a glossy box possibly last Christmas (if not, the Christmas before!). I remember loving this but thinking it was SUCH a pain to remove. I haven't worn this for a long time but when applying this today, I was a little disappointed with the colour - I can't remember it ever being that dark - its almost a cross between a deep red and a brown. I read a few reviews on this and people state that its red glitter on a transparent black polish, hence the deepness of the colour. Either way, I do still like it, it looks so pretty in the bottle!

I think I'm wearing a red lace skater dress on Christmas Day, so I think red nail polish will be a bit overkill. I might go for a black polish with a bit of red glitter gradient over the top, just to add that sparkle in!

What is your favourite red nail polish?


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